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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take It for a Spin

Nanci Adams wants to spread the word about the benefits of Vibration Therapy.

By Nanci Adams

I am not here to advertise a product. I am not a distributor, major company stockholder nor do I own a business. Nobody is paying me to write this article. I am here--by choice and at the risk of sounding like an infomercial--to share my experiences with and extol the virtues of vibration therapy. Please read on, just for a few minutes, as I tout the benefits of the device that provides this therapy--a device that will go unnamed, as it a registered trademark. My hope is that others will at least try vibration therapy and personally find out on their own how amazing this experience can be. Like Pilates or yoga for some, vibration therapy has become the perfect compliment to my current weight-training and cardiovascular program.

At his point, I should briefly explain what vibration therapy is without your eyes glazing over reading facts and figures. I am not big on pie charts and graphs so you will be spared the flashback horrors of eighth-grade math. But, to fully understand what you will personally achieve based on your body’s needs, please bear with me by reading on.

To be sure, there are enumerable clinical applications of vibration therapy and it is used in the medical field for the treatment and prevention of a variety of illnesses and injuries such as osteoporosis, arthritis and lower back pain, to name a few. And naming those few are enough. The bottom line is that if you feel debilitated or incapacitated by either your weight or a current malady, but you can and want to move, I urge you to begin your new and improved exercise regimen with vibration therapy. Get your body moving and start at your body’s core: the central nervous system and cellular level.

Okay, time to throw away the text book facts, product pamphlets and FDA findings and personalize this: I want to burn calories and fat. Believe it or not, these are among the many of my results from using vibration therapy. As vain and superficial as these goals may be (and they are), they’re my goals, darn it all, and I am achieving them. But now it is bonus time: I am also achieving benefits not written in the “Guaranteed Results Handbook”. If you want a list of these results, please, by all means, go to a vibration therapy website and read about all of the wonderful goals that can and have been attained.

One of my personal bonuses is that I feel amazingly calm and relaxed after a 10-minute vibration session. I am behind the wheel of my car, people on cell phones are whizzing through red-light intersections in front of me and the world is still a beautiful place.

While I am on my 10-minute vibration session (in utter and complete locked door privacy), I don’t just stand there like a ninny: I move about like a ninny. I do my yoga facial exercises to tighten my facial tissue (which the vibration therapy does without my lion’s face); I practice my hula motions (because I want to master the hoop) and I indulge in other dance moves (to say nobody does The Shake like I do is way too obvious; suffice it to say nobody does The Shimmy like I do and a LOT of that shimmying is involuntary). Movement creates movement and when sound at varying frequencies runs through your body (from the top of your head to the tips of your toes), you cannot help but move.

Somebody once told me that he does voice exercises while vibrating. I suspect that he is yodeling but I will never be able to prove it.

Have you not yet caught on to the fact that besides all of the medicinal benefits that you will derive from vibration therapy, you will also be having fun?

My first “adventure” was just over a year ago at the home of woman I trust and admire very much; she whimsically referred to our 10-minute sessions as “adventures”. Because I held this woman in high regard (and still do), I had very high hopes as to what vibration therapy could do to and for my body. Where and what, I did not know, but I knew the results would be something very good. I was right.

This wonderful woman had given me all kinds of literature to read, substantiating and validating vibration therapy, but my personal experience closed the deal. I was hooked and came to her home to partake of the healing vibrations two to three times a week. She had clients enjoying adventures two to three times a day: men and women of all ages, with all kinds of health conditions and healing goals, all of which (vain and otherwise) were being achieved: sinus problems were clearing up, symptoms of central nervous system disorders were alleviated and some saw the added benefit of cellulite melting away. By now, this woman has become a very successful distributor of the vibration therapy device, so providing personal adventures has became secondary, yet no less fulfilling.

But for some odd and inexplicable reason, I no longer felt that I was achieving any benefits and I took a hiatus for several months. Then, quite recently, as I explored the “what is missing” list of my life, I slapped my palm on my forehead and knew that I was NOT missing my V-8: I realized that I was very much missing my vibration therapy.

Luckily, I discovered another place in Sonoma County that offers vibration therapy and I whole-heartedly hopped back on board, full throttle for my daily spin, at least 4 to 5 times a week. And I since I am a Mode 6 Kind o’ Girl, I do mean full-throttle. Other people who participate in vibration therapy at this same venue (the owner very much included, if not at the top of the list) are over-the-moon about their personal results. People in top peak personal condition to less than peak and less than healthy are singing the praises of their results. Some have called vibration therapy a life saver. I call it a start and now quite possibly an addiction. But no worries: it’s akin to being addicted to spring water or unpolluted air.

I am not taking this show on the road or going on QVC. This is a testimonial and an editorial: a “testitorial“ or, in my case, an “estrogenorial”, because I know first-hand that vibration therapy soothes some of symptoms of PMS and menopause.

If you want more information about this therapy, please contact me at and I can get you connected with a number of people who facilitate vibration therapy and who can explain it—at the cellular level and beyond—like nobody else I know.

You will hear stories about people like Rex, who used to be very cane-dependent, but now enjoys life—mostly in his garden—without the need of his cane. Do the math (eighth-grade or otherwise): better balance plus increased bone density equals less chance of falling and/or less chance of bone breakage. Believe me, it’s not just seniors who have balance issues—my sense of stabilization has improved drastically. And, as a woman over 50, it is reassuring to know that I have far less likelihood to be a candidate for osteoporosis.

This adventure is not for or embraced by everyone. But at least take a spin find out for yourself.