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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Lover - Poem by Spring Wills, Mendocino, CA

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My Lover

By Spring Wills

i am pierced by Satan's arrow
already incurable

my Lover
Your power is like a soaring river
sweeps my wounds away

my past binds my soul
as chains on my neck

my Lover
You say the coercion and hunger are all your arrangements
i should be joyful and gambol

i praise You in hymns
my songs frustrate the battalions besieging me

my Lover
i triumph because i only look up to You
not watch my questions

someone pulls my faith
want it down to the ground

my Lover
my heart cries out You support me
let this burden leave me

i and evil are nose to nose
the withstanding force is same as the night

my Lover
You show me the way to overcome dangers
take me into Your realm

hence i worry about nothing
only praise You in my heart

my Lover
Your name is the fruit from my lips
Your spirit pours it totally sweet

suddenly inside me is silent
resounding with Your truth

my Lover
any tribulation which happens to me
is less than Your suffering

Your pain is for the sake of me
You care of my minutiae more than i do

my Lover
You wake me up in the morning
my eyes see You, my ears hear You, and my mouth speaks You

my life is in Your palm
You are my all reasons and aims

my Lover
how dare i complain Satan's symptoms
You have healed me

You saved me from death
lead me to walk in Your spirit

my Lover
no might in this world can carry me away
except Your will

that is You
You didn't let me die

my Lover
attentively i listen to Your voice
You say i am the doer for Your special wonderful plan

i obey my spirit's sensation
dodge calamities

my Lover
before i begin my inquiry
You know my want

i talk with You in tender voice
You unload my burden by Your kind hands

my Lover
i cannot depend on anything else
i trust You alone

i didn't get talent
but You demonstrate Your glory through me

my Lover
i can't predict Your great doings
Your accomplishments are above my requests and thoughts

i know what i should do
is to present myself before You

my Lover
my whole body is transparent under Your sight
You know my thought and intention

You renew me from the inside
with my own eyes i see my spirit's about-face

my Lover
i didn't mishear Your words
i would like now to live as You

i want to give myself to You
but i have nothing to give

my Lover
You gave Yourself to me
----Your lover

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