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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ambassadors of Hope for Marin County Homeless Youth

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity
Locally produced documentary highlights youth homelessness in Marin, featuring the local non-profit group “Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity.”

Peter Coyote narrates Youth Homelessness… A Growing Trend, a story of the challenges youth face while trying to raise themselves on the streets. They share the problems they experience with existing services and real solutions that need to be implemented.

“We want to continue to spread the word about youth homelessness, because Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity believes that early intervention with this age group can prevent the formation of destructive and costly life-long patterns,” according to Zara Babitzke, AHO Founder.

Babitzke, formerly homeless herself, is founder and director of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, a Mill Valley nonprofit devoted to helping Marin's homeless young adults through services, community awareness and political action. "These young people are bright, articulate, creative -- they are not the perception that people have of the homeless," said Babitzke. Ambassadors for Hope assists young people in 11 cities in Marin County, including San Rafael, Novato, Mill Valley and Sausalito.

The young adults you see in Youth Homelessness… A Growing Trend are youth who have turned their lives around from a life of homelessness. These young people are now community leaders paving the way toward change both locally and statewide.

MORE: from their web site:

They also have a video you can watch.

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity
Changing Lives Building Youth Leaders

"...a calling of the heart..."

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity started as a calling of the heart. A calling that compelled the creation of a non-profit organization focused solely on providing a safety net of stable housing, guidance and community connections for young adults ages 18 to 25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Marin County .

Our young adults are our leaders of the future, most of whom have not had families to guide, nurture, support or believe in them.

The Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity believe in these youth and provide opportunities to support them on their path to becoming independent, contributing adults by offering a specialized menu of options to fit their unique needs. AHO is leading the way in addressing the growing trend of youth homelessness in Marin County, Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, CA.

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity - AHO
ph. 415.381.7173
fx. 415.381.1057
P.O. Box 2278
Mill Valley, CA 94942

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