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Monday, March 2, 2009

REAL Change - Health Care, Taxes, Energy, Education, Regulations

Vesta: I hope you have the courage to read and print my comments. If I sound angry, it is because I AM. REAL CHANGE means real change coming out of my pocket going into people like yours. - T. Mark Fay

Well, Mark - with a challenge like that - how could I resist! I can't imagine much money will make it into my pockets from political change - but I can hope I guess! I certainly work hard for what I earn! Here ya go Mark.

1.) Health CARE is not broken; we have the best system in the world. Ask people from Canada who come here to get their MRIs that they would wait 6 months for. The problem is Health INSURANCE, and having the government take over the system will make going to your doctor feel like getting your driver's license renewed. Come on, what government service is done better then the private sector? People like you just want people like me to pay for your medical treatment. How is that good for you or me - have you no self respect?

Aren't you the same blog that agonized over Bush's wiretaps of terrorists? And you want Obama having access to your pap smear?

2.) Tax rates have not been reduced! The tax tables have not been changed! How can you reduce taxes on people when THEY HAVE PAID NO TAXES?

You are talking about a one time tax rebate that is a welfare payment that amounts to about $15 per week - and it is taxable income! And, there is no way even I and the other 2% ers, even if you take every dime I make, can pay for all of this spending. Your taxes are going up - or haven't you noticed that every promise Obama makes comes with an expiration date? "I'll only take government campaign financing"; "No lobbyists in my administration"; on and on. Get yourself a calculator and do some math - he'll be coming for the middle classes' cash next. There's no other way.

3.) The only economical clean energy is nuclear and it is no where in this plan. You'll need to suspend a couple of Newton's laws or impose a huge series of taxes on energy to make wind and solar viable. These jobs may not be outsourced but they are not sustainable because the underlying technology is not cost effective without huge cash transfers to them.

4.) When will any of you people say "Thank you George Bush"?

5.) Taxes went DOWN for all people who pay taxes under the Bush tax cuts. Does the truth even matter to you? The average family making $60K a year has some $2,000 more in their pockets annually. Also, since you are so big on the word "progressive", I and and the other rich's share of taxes went UP. Do you have any idea what percent of the income taxes we pay? The top 1% pay 39%, up from 37% when Bush took office. The truth is that you are taking money from me to give to you - that's what you mean by "strengthening the middle class". Why don't you stop blogging and get second job - I work 65 hours a week, maybe you could move up from 30.

6.) Obama's cap and trade plan will crush all of us under oil and gas taxes. He has made it his mission to drive up all energy prices to make the wind and solar boondoggles "affordable". Do you know that the government already makes twice as much money on gas taxes then the oil companies do in profit?

7.) Why can't the liberal colleges reduce their tuitions? Harvard for example has a $60 Billion endowment. All the tuitions they collect in a year are only $30 Million. They could GIVE THEIR EDUCATION AWAY FOR FREE if they could just make a 5% profit on the endowment. Why must you always reach for my wallet through the strong arm of government - Harvard is a TAX FREE institution!

8.) You will be Waiting for Godot for the economy to recover. It is people like me that move this economy and there is no way I am going to continue to work the 65 hours so I can feed your kids, educate you, pay for your medical care, subsidize low income women's abortions and birth control pills, and support unnecessary fees on energy.

Even the Associated Press has said the numbers don't add up. Do you remember stagflation under Jimmy Carter? You think we had malaise then... By the way, have you heard of Johnson's War on Poverty? Carter's move to improve Human Rights? These miserable failures are what your side will be repeating under Obama. Why don't you go back and read some of Martin Luther King's speeches, or John Kennedy's. It is through liberty, free markets and free people, that our country will prosper, not through socialism which HAS FAILED EVERY WHERE IT HAS BEEN TRIED.

9.) Have you heard of Sarbanes Oxley? Have you heard of Grahm Leach Bliley? Have you heard of McCain Feingold, for crying out loud? No additional amount of regulation would have prevented these problems. You are fooling yourself to think government can fix the problems they are causing. Read Ayn Rand.

10.) He only won 54% of the vote, and did he tell it to us straight in the campaign? Does he stick to his promises or do they all have expiration dates?

I intend to follow up with you in four years to see which one of us is right. I hope you will have the integrity at that time to look at the facts, and have stopped drinking - and passing out - the Kool Aid.

T. Mark Fay
Beleagured Taxpayer

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