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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Women in Combat - How Times have Changed

I'm passing on this link to the New York Times article on women in military combat.

Why? It's change. When I was this age (late 60s) our war was Vietnam and women were not allowed to fight - or do anything dangerous - like get drafted! It seemed unfair at the time even though I was grateful.

I had gone from a young girl wanting to be an Air Force pilot to a young woman being disgusted by violence and war. I didn't want to be drafted, but I felt for my fellow men who had no choice.

It was unfair then and it is unfair now, so it's good to see women working alongside men in any field - even war. These are volunteers - not draftees. They enlist because they want to do this. How wonderful that they can. My young girl dreams didn't consider that the Air Force wouldn't allow me to fly a plane because I was female. I didn't learn that until later and by that time I didn't want to anymore.

Change is good.

Perhaps some day there will be no more war. That would be a change this planet would find beneficial!

This is series of articles in the New York Times. One story after another with commentary and political as well as social perspective - women telling their stories - people commenting on them, etc. The good thing about going to the page is that there are related articles and information on the site that you might find interesting.

The string is too long for my site - but there is much to learn.

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