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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Age of Stupid - Private Screenings

Anyone anywhere* can now hold their own screening of
The Age of Stupid

Head straight over to the Indie Screenings website to get going.
And why would you want to do that?
Spread the word AND do a fund raiser for your cause!

Booking opens today, but the first date you can screen is October 24th, to tie in with the International Day of Action called by 350 and loads of other biggies. We're aiming for 350 screenings on October 24th. book in via Indie Screenings and pay a license fee which is set according to various factors (so a school in India would pay about a pound and a multinational oil company in America about 10,000), then you organize your screening (with lots of helpful advice available online), a DVD arrives in the mail, you charge for tickets and you keep the money for yourself or your campaign. May not sound totally thrilling, but the small fact that people can profit from this film is one of the main reasons why commentators are saying things like "[Stupid] represents the future of film, film culture and film distribution and marketing".

Here's a link to The Age of Stupid web site with their calculations on what the carbon footprint will be for rolling out this film:
Naturally - you can check out the rest of the story while there!

And this is another part of the story with a link to the 2050 Project
Their new research says that we're most likely going to hit four degrees between 2060 and 2070 (=TOTAL DISASTER = LOTS OF US DEAD) No matter what you think of this information and movement - it's good to learn about these things so you can play an active part in the future of this planet - and therefore - the future of our children!

* When we say anyone anywhere, there are restrictions in these countries:
- Canada - Screenings can happen, but they need to be booked through Criterion: call 1-800-565-1996 ext. 260 or visit
- Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg - book through Chrisje Simon-van Oosterhout:
- Poland, Former Yugoslavia (including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo) - not possible, sorry

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