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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Around Graton: Plans for Graton Park, Fall Flower Show

The boy scouts, the pets in costumes and/or in wagons, the fire trucks, our Honorable Grand Marshall Ann Hancock - the parade was as satisfyingly zany as ever. The music, the food, the pies, the free water slide dumping an endless supply of soaked children into the street, it was all Graton Day all over again, only more so.

The big news, however, was that this annual event focused on "Keeping Graton Green!" Organizers or the Graton Dream Green Team provided colorful eco stations with containers for every kind of waste. Much of what was consumed was composted. Many of the vendors used biodegradable plates. The Dream Green Team promises to make it leaner and greener next year. Congratulations to the sponsor, Graton Community Projects for picking such a worthy theme.

The pie contest entries of Brenda Getchell, Lorna Brown, Karen Smith, Diana Elliott, Susan Caputo, Ellen Swenson, Chris Junge, William Degroot and Julia Glanz, Linda Owens and the anonymously modest E & JB were judged by Bob Engel (previous Graton columnist), Jane Eagle, Shelly Kaldunski and Gabe Greenberg-Pines. Thank you, Catherine Sagan, for years of organizing the contest. Catherine announces that she is hanging up her pie hat (porkpie?) and is looking for someone else to carry on the tradition. Please call her at 823-1362, if you are interested.

The Graton Green Group raised over $2,000 for the new Graton Park to replace the Graton Fire House site when the new fire house on Hwy 116 is completed. Spokesperson Kelly Grey Jones says they were delighted at their Graton Day success and plan many more fund raisers for the purchase of the property. Laura Feahr said that much of the credit goes to Marianne Campbell and Richard Wolf for their donations of $250 each as a challenge for the day.
Liz Junge organized the sale of personalized bricks for paving paths through the park. A sample brick was on view imprinted with one of the lines of a new song by Doug Rogers written just for the new Graton Park - "A community of hearts can build Graton Park." Call Liz at 823-2218 to buy a brick and pave the way to Graton’s new plaza.

The Graton Green Group will be donating a brick in honor of Todd Holmes, recent past manager of the Planning Department for Sonoma County Regional Parks. Robyn Bramhall says "We already miss Todd a great deal, and will never forget his encouragement and support in helping us organize a strong community team to build our park." Judith Fenley laments that the county has notified the group that it will no longer support the Graton project as a West County Trail head destination park. "However," she added, "Now that the vision of the Graton Plaza has a life, we know that someday it will manifest into a wonderful county park to be enjoyed by many."

October 23 & 24, the Graton Community Club presents the Fall Flower Show - "It’s Party Time!" from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days. Really, if you haven’t been to a Flower Show, you haven’t truly experienced Sonoma County yet. It’s an opportunity to participate in a last century tradition in a turn-of-the-last-century chicken hatchery/club house that echoes with decades of luncheons, graduation ceremonies and anniversaries, and shines with the elbow grease of generations of ladies who get ‘er done. Homemade lunch will be served both days for $8.

The plant sale alone is worth the drive. This year, there will be some unusual perennials, including the solanum pyracanthum. Look for the gaillardia orages lemons and the pelargonium oldberry, too. Add to all this the usual hand-embroidered pillow cases and tea towels and other hand-crafted items that make unusual gifts plus the unique rummage items where you will find family heirlooms and jewelry you haven’t seen in years.

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