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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Monte Rio News March 2010

Last month my column got a little messed up---no room for the picture and all the birthdays got dropped. So this month I will start my column by wishing happy belated birthday wishes to: 2/1: Deanna Baxman and Jane Kleimo; 2/2: Jenna Wikeen, and my incredible bro-in-law Sam Phillips, 50; 2/3: Russell Tye, a whopping 93! 2/4: Vicky Servino; 2/8: Amanda Menary and Packy Conway-O’Neill; 2/10: Muff Curtiss, and Wolfgang; 2/11: Lori and Korie Shokmalli, 51. 2/12: Jessica; 2/14: Troy; 2/15: Silicia and James; 2/15: My incredible nephew and godson, Finnegan Patrick Beatty turns 5! 2/16: Nolan O’Malley, 25; 2/17; Sarah Kennebech, 19; 2/18: Bridgette Stratford, Teddy Boitano; 2/21: Krystal Menary; 2/22; Zoy Kazan; 2/24: Karen Young; 2/26: Eddie Lamun and my great brother Ray Gildea, 54; 2/28: Jeff Young. Finally, 2/29---which we won’t have this year, so our very special niece, Jackie Beatty, will be 10 but without a birthday!

Now onto some March things! According to my calendar March 1st is St. David Day, March 2 is Read Across America Day, March 17 is of course St. Patricks Day, and March 20 the vernal equinox---long days here we come! Yahoo!!!

Felice and Colleen continue to clean and repair the soon to open Drunken Robin, hopefully they will get it open by April Fools Day!

Happy Anniversary to our friends: starting the month, Tom and Rob March 8th, Rita & Jeremiah O’Neill will be celebrating with green on March 17th, and Karen & Robin finishing the month on March 30th. Also, best wishes & congratulations to Nat Riley and Anna Wachtel who will be getting married this March 17! Loving wishes and a lifetime of love, health, and happiness to you all!

Happy Birthday wishes to some wonderful friends and family: 3/1: Cheryl Button, 5; 3/6: Corlina Abantao; 3/10: Merrie Townsend, we miss you, also Mike Tillman; 3/11: Leah Tillman; 3/12: Connie - Leah’s daughter; 3/13: Diana Moya, 21; 3/19: Monique Sergelin, 23; 3/23: Sean Phillips, 19 Great nephew!; 3/24: Elliot Simon, my buddy and Lillian Gildea, (my grandmother, resting in peace); 3/25: Carolyn Davenport; 3/27: Patrick Phillips, 26 (my angel!); and 3/28: Maggie Gildea-Beatty, 12 (my incredible and bright niece, WOW!).

Community Meetings on issues that impact us all: The Monte Rio Wastewater task Force meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Monte Rio Community Center – in March that’s the 18th. I don’t have a time but it’s been around 6:30 pm most times. You can call Dan Fein or e-mail him at for the correct time. Lots going on about how Monte Rio – and other river communities will deal with septic issues that impact the Russian River.

RROCC (Russian River Redevelopment Oversight Committee) meets at 6pm on the 18th –so what’s up with the conflict!

Monte Rio Watch – the group is trying to make Monte Rio safe for everyone – meets at 6:30 pm on March 29th at the Community Center, so if you want to be involved in this community effort, this is a good time to get involved before summer heats up our town. (More below)

2010 Census Testing will happen at the Community Center on March 3 at 10AM only (the 10AM test was cancelled). If you are interested in a job for a few months and want to be part of this very important counting of our citizens.

If you need more information on these community meetings – please call Dawn Bell at (707) 865-9956 Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. You can also log on the Monte Rio Recreation & Park website at