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Monday, January 5, 2009

FORUM: The Myths of Monotheism

Got a Point of View? An Opinion on a subject? Feel like getting on your Soap Box? This is the place. Please send your thoughts to This FORUM submission is on Monotheism from the perspective of an Atheist. Enjoy!

The Myths of Monotheism

By Tony Adler

Friday, December 26, 2008 Boxing Day

From my point of view as an Atheist and somewhat of a historian, I feel it incumbent upon my self to offer others a modicum of truth and thereby give them the opportunity to understand and see religious myth for what it is. Those of the faith often ask with astonishment, “Don’t you believe in God?” The question is an oxymoron, since in reality there is not a god to believe in or not.

As an historian I much prefer polytheism to monotheism. It has been shown that Gods and Goddesses do not have to exist in reality in order to do good or perpetrate murder and mayhem, for that matter. My own favorite deities were the Egyptian, Greek and Roman in that order. Of course to understand the Judea Christian story one must journey deep into the mists of time to Mesopotamia and Babylon and look at the myth of Gilgamesh which gave birth to the book of Geneses. Of course Abraham came from this area and brought with him the worship of Shamech, the Sun God and the story of the great flood from the Babylonian history. There is Archeological evidence that in Neolithic times the area between the two rivers did suffer a devastating flood that changed the topography and eliminated two other rivers.

Since the Israelites Came out of Egypt and spent generations in Babylon one has to look at how they and their religion grew out of these influences. The Babylonian God of the sun Shamech was the name given to the eternal light, Nur Tamid which burned in the Jewish temple. The Egyptian name for this God was Aton Re, and in past cultures was part of Isis the Mother Deity of Egypt known to the Greeks as Aphrodite and the Romans as Venus.

Venus is the morning star known astrologically as Virgo or Lucifer the bringer of enlightenment i.e. knowledge. In Neolithic Mesopotamia she was Inanna the snake god of love and fertility, or Enki the god of earth and water Enlightenment was anathema to the early Christians consequently knowledge was of the Devil. It still is.

Ancient Hebrews known as Hyksos or Haribari meaning Shepard Kings frequently attacked Egypt around the Delta and eventually took over that era and ruled Lower Egypt for 108 years, their 15th dynasty having six kings. They introduced Egypt to the horse and chariot and the compound bow. These people were monotheists, practiced circumcision and eschewed pork. They were eventually defeated and driven out, though many were egyptianized and remained keeping their own god.

If we can jump ahead to the 18th Dynasty in 1353 and to the Pharaoh Amenophis III and his correspondences with Tushratta, the king of Mitanni We must look at the preserved Amarna letters, which are available to read to this day in cuneiform on clay tablets. These are in the Berlin Museum of Egyptology together with the bust of Nefertiri who looms largely in this history and as you will see she became the actual founder of the present day Christian monotheism.

King Tushratta had a fifteen year-old daughter of great beauty whose name was Tadu Heba. King Tushratta proposed this girl for wife to the 43 year-old Pharaoh Amenophis III. She was accepted and journeyed into Egypt taking with her great wealth and servants, and her sun god Shamesh. Her marriage to the Pharaoh lasted until his death eleven years later after which she married his son Amenophis IV aged eleven. Because of her great beauty the Egyptians gave the Queen the name Nefertiri which means, “She who walks in beauty.” Nefertiri introduced her religion of the Sun God Shamesh who in Egypt was a minor god Aton to her young husband, and upon adulthood and under her influence the young Pharaoh changed his name to Akhenaton and decreed that this was to be the one god of Egypt and that Amun and all other gods were to be deposed. He created a capitol city dedicated to Aton and plunged Egypt into a bloody civil war to enforce his new religion.

As history shows this monotheism brought on a plague of intolerance and violence under which our planet suffers to this very day. The remaining Hyksos and Haribari took to this religion, but went underground when it was stamped out by Horemheb after the death of Akhenaton and his follower Tutankhamen

Monotheism festered in Egypt until in the 19th. Dynasty in 1269 when their mobs robbed the Egyptians and set off into the desert crossing the sea of reeds into Canaan. They had changed the name of their god from Aton to Adon meaning Lord or in Hebrew Adonoi meaning our lord. The followers of Adon under Moses became violent killers and sacked the land of Canaan murdering men, women, and children and all their animals. From this religion spread out a long history of war and bloodshed until the Romans lead by Pompeii conquered the land in 63 BCE. In Roman times the legend of Jesus arose, though there is no historical proof that he ever existed. He is not mentioned by Josephus in his history of the period.

Christianism became a cult that flourished in Rome, and became violently opposed to Roman Mithraism, smashing their temples and destroying their artifacts. Purges were instituted against this violent monotheistic cult, but it survived, later to be imposed on Rome by Constantine who actually founded the Catholic Church and laid down its dogma in the fourth century C.E. in Nicia.

In the 6th century Islam also sprang from this root. From this time on these two monotheistic religions have split into various cults and continued brutal warfare against all and sundry and especially against the Jews who were their founders, The first Crusade was instigated in the 12th century by Pope Urban II when he ordered his armies to wipe out the Cathars an intellectual and advanced religious group in the South of France. They were all burned alive, and their goddess was Isis. Later the Knights Templar were also murdered for their treasure The Crusades and the inquisition made the whole world run with blood and permanently drove a wedge between Islam and Christianity.

Freemasonry sprang from the Templars, and in fact founded our constitution remaining true to Isis or Virgo if you like and trying to keep religious influences out of our politics. However the Monotheistic religions are still to this day murdering millions in the name of their various cults. These cults are responsible for the overpopulating of our planet, for the subjugation of women today and throughout the ages, for slavery, pedophilia in the Catholic Church, and Protestant puritanical attitudes toward sex contraception abortion and even stem cell research. In my estimation dogmatic religion is a curse on the world which thrives in ignorance and darkness, and in my view the only way to survive it is through a diligent search for knowledge through free and comprehensive education based on historical truth with the goal of total enlightenment. Lucifer i.e. Knowledge can never be evil.

Tony Adler

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