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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Willaiam-Lewelln Foundation Honors Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman Honored for her Selfless Committment

It would difficult to find a person more worthy of this honor than Brenda Adelman. She is a HERO to all of us who love the Russian River Watershed and our river communities - thank you Brenda - you deserve this recognition!

The Willaiam-Lewelln Foundation believes that the true genius of the world lies in the talents of individuals who do its best work. The Foundation believes it has an obligation to share its wealth and enrich the lives of people who make a sustainable, just, compassionate, and creative future possible. We believe that the best ideas do not always come out of mainstream thinking, and that the Foundation has the responsibility to expand the boundaries of courageous, creative thinking. We provide support to talented individuals whose lives have demonstrated tenacious dedication over time, and consistent creativity in their work, yet who have been under-recognized for the gifts they have given their pursuits, to their communities, and to society.

With all of the above in mind, we examine the track record of achievement in a nominee’s field. Some will be well-known, others will not. We do not accept applications, so individuals cannot solicit our support. For all of the above reasons, we have selected Brenda Adelman of the Russian River watershed Protection Committee for her selfless commitment to reserve the Russian River, our watershed and our environment.

Beginning with Guerneville sewer issues in the late 1970s and with the illegal dumping of 800 million gallons of sewage, by the City of Santa Rosa in 1985, Brenda Adelman has been a hawk-like guardian of the Russian River for decades. Having brought her considerable expertise in environmental issues to countless meetings and presentations, she has helped to preserves the fragile eco-system of our river. At great personal and economic cost, Brenda has benefited both the Russian River and the people who live in its environs.

Thank You Brenda. This is a small gift compared with what you have given every one in our community.

Brenda usually has an article in virtually every issue of WCG, but right now she’s exhausted from her latest efforts on our behalf: she studied the thousands of pages on the Basin Plan for Sonoma County, then wrote dozens of pages of comments to submit on our behalf. That’s enough writing for one month. We depend upon Brenda – I know I do – to be the eyes, the voice, and the intelligence of information on issues about which the rest of us are ignorant. Please consider becoming a member of the Russian River Watershed Protection Committee to be part of Brenda’s and her volunteers’ efforts to preserve our home.

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