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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Greening of Roseland, Sonoma County

Roseland neighbors come out for first annual Hearts and Hands, The Greening of Roseland

The Greening of Roseland, a first annual Earthday celebration, brought hundreds of Roseland neighbors together for a performance by Danza Mexica, the very popular Aztec dance troupe Coyolxauqui, Mexican guitarists, chalk artists, adobe and hay bale teachers, rainwater harvesting folks and GoLocal people at a former Albertson’s Grocery lot on Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa, Sun., Apr. 26th.

Plants and seeds and haybale information to create a kitchen garden were offered free.
“You see this building here?” exclaimed North Bay Institute for Green Technology/Youth Green Jobs Sonoma (NBIGT/YGJS) Director, Evelina Molina, pointing to the empty store behind her. “In years to come we’re gonna make this a community building. It will be beautiful!” she said, letting the crowd know this day would be the “beginning a tradition of education and action on climate change and conservation - healing the heart of Roseland by connecting local people with the whole of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.”

Sonoma County GoLocal Coop co-sponsored the event with NBIGT/YGJS.
GoLocal Marketing Director, Jay Beckwith was delighted. “The Roseland event is all we could have hoped for...excellent, very mellow. Really good conversations going on, lots of heart contact.” Santa Rosa Councilmember, Veronica Jacobi, was present for the entire event, filming and interviewing and SR Councilmember Efren Carrillo came and got in the line dance. Press included NPR reporters, a Press Democrat reporter and several photographers and writers.

NBIGT/YGJS will begin a green jobs training program during the summer months, offering opportunities to underserved youth and young adults from Latino, multi-ethnic and Native American communities.

Molina was also excited about the event. “The word magical comes to mind! Today we brought neighbors together as a Zocalo (plaza) experience, a place-making event, de la tierra de la Rosa (Roseland in Spanish). What a concept to use a place name from its residents native language!”

GoLocal was glad to offer hay bale lessons. “This simple step makes growing a kitchen garden possible for many,” said Beckwith. Localizing food with kitchen and community gardens growing healthy and affordable food, is a major step, according to Molina.

“Our Greening of Roseland event filled me with HOPE comes to my HEART for "La Tierra de Las Rosas," said Molina.

“Thank you does not seem enough to express our gratitude for the "Hearts & Hands" that have begun the healing of Roseland and beginnings of El Zocalo del Pueblo a place of gathering for everyone...algun dia (someday) our dreams will come true. I am dreaming of Earth Day in El Zocalo de La Tierra de Las Rosas 2010 too. Go Local and North Bay Institute Green Jobs joined at the hip now. Let's keep "DOING" for each other, the planet and a bright future for all. Live United.”

For more information, go to www.nbigt/ or email Evelina Molina, or call 707-236-7335.

Evelina Molina, NBIGT, 707-236-7335
Jay Beckwith, GoLocal 707-824-9349

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