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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gayle LaVal's BENEFIT for Hip Replacement Surgery

Gayle with her Granddaughter and Daughter

Gayle’s Miracle Fund
“It Takes a Village”

A local group of friends are enlisting the help of the community for a dear friend who is dire need of hip replacement surgery after almost two years of debilitating, chronic pain.

Gayle LaVal, a resident of Graton, is a 60 year old single grandmother. She is one of many middle class people in our country who have paid into the system and carried health insurance for most of their lives, and who are now living without medical insurance. Because she is just above poverty qualifications, she is ‘falling through the cracks” of our health care system. She lost her insurance as a result of a personal tragedy that created a financial crisis in which she had to choose between sustaining herself and her family and paying into her insurance. No one should have to make this kind of a choice! But this is happening all the time. While we can’t take care of everyone, we are choosing to do what we can by helping her. We hope you will help in your own way after hearing her story.

Due to a sudden illness that the doctors thought to be cancer, Gayle had to have her thyroid removed several years ago. She managed to pay for this surgery, but she was left with the problem that medical insurance was now unobtainable due to the high costs of coverage because of a “pre-existing” condition and her age. Ironically, Gayle has been in the healing professions much of her life as a nurse as well as a hypnotherapist, working mainly with women and trauma. She has been unable, because of her own health issues, to work for quite some time, so that is where the rest of us come in.

Ever since she was told that her hip surgery was needed in order for her to live a normal life again, she has been working with the local hospital and doctors in an attempt to negotiate the surgery, hospital, pre and post surgery medical costs to a price that would be in the realm of possibility for her. With the help of a friend and several members of the Hospital Foundation, she has worked out an agreement with Palm Drive. With the surgeon, anesthesiologist, other post and pre op medical costs, we have set a goal of $27,000. to be raised for her surgery which is scheduled in October, 2009. Her surgery is now less than six weeks away and we would like to raise as much of this as we can before her surgery.

Mario Ramos, owner of Mexico Lindo Restaurant, has generously offered to kick off our fundraising drive. On Friday, October 2nd at 8PM, we will be throwing a fiesta. This will include a Mexican buffet, music, and frivolity. Mexico Lindo is giving 100% of the proceeds to Gayle’s Miracle Fund. Admission will be $20.

We are also having an event on Sunday, October 18th at 4PM at the Subud Center in Sebastopol. This will include a spaghetti dinner, music, and a silent auction of products or services for people to bid on. Cost is $10. for admission. We already have a weeks stay at a condo near Puerto Vallerta and a gourmet canoe outing for two. If you can donate something, please contact Wanda Lee at 707-829-3044 or Linda Mollenhauer-Meyskens at 707-823-0582.

A special account with Wells Fargo has been opened under the name, “Gayle’s Miracle Fund”. Checks can be sent to “Gayle’s Miracle Fund”, 8813 Bower Street, Sebastopol. CA 95472 and include the account number 8684873881 on the check. Checks can also be deposited directly into this account by going to Wells Fargo Bank and directing the deposit to this account name and number.

We are asking the community to join us in helping Gayle by giving whatever amount you can comfortably give to this fund. Any amount that you can send will help and is most appreciated. By creating this circle of caring and extending the reach out to others, we can give Gayle the support she deserves.

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