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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soiland Family Purchases Grab 'n Grow Soil Products

Included in the photo are:
Randy Swegle, Sonoma Site manager
Mark Soiland, President, COO
Marv Soiland, Board Chairman/CEO
Don Liepold, Santa Rosa Site Manager
Marelene Soiland, Sec/Treas/CFO

Growing a Business
with Focus on Recycling
By Marlene Soiland
With layoffs, mandatory time off, and salary reductions dominating the news, it is great to have a positive story to share with readers! Stony Point Rock Quarry, a Sonoma County family business since 1973, is growing ... organically and sustainably.

Stony Point Rock Quarry currently operates two aggregate and top soil production facilities in Sonoma County. In Cotati, we’re located at 7171 Stony Point Road, 5 minutes north of Sonoma County’s Central Landfill. In Sonoma, we’re located at 4202 Stage Gulch Road, adjacent to the Landfill’s Sonoma Transfer station.

Purchasing Grab N’ Grow
On September 1, 2009, Stony Point Rock Quarry, Inc. acquired Grab N’ Grow Soil Products, Inc. For 25 years Grab N’ Grow has produced healthy soil products, compost, and ground covers from their facility at 2759 Llano Road, Santa Rosa, CA.

Increasing Sustainability
“My goal is to increase the sustainable portion of our product line by increasing recyclables from 20% to 80% of total sales by 2014,” stated President Mark Soiland. “The acquisition of Grab N’ Grow Soil Products makes a significant move in the right direction for our business.”

Focus on Recycling
With our Cotati and Sonoma facilities strategically located adjacent to landfill collection facilities, we divert over 100,000 cubic yards of materials each year that would otherwise be buried or hauled out of the County. We convert this waste into recycled road base and other construction products. Raw materials such as concrete rubble, asphalt, and ceramics, including toilets and roofing tiles, as well as composition asphalt shingles, are converted into Class 2 Road Base or Recycled Asphalt Products, which can be used in many different paving applications.

Organic Growth
Stony Point’s soil production facilities recycle organic materials to produce a variety of products, including mixes for track and field as well as bocce ball courts, and special soil mixtures for residential use and commercial landscape yards and nurseries.

Each year Grab N’ Grow recycles over 80,000 cubic yards of organic materials, including green waste from local residents and commercial landscapers, grape and apple pomace from local farmers, and waste from local dairies and ranches.

Caring for People
Many Grab N’ Grow employees accepted employment with Stony Point, including Don Liepold, who has managed the operation since inception. Liepold said “The acquisition of Grab N’ Grow Soil Products by the Soiland’s is a very exciting event.”

Company Values
We believe that efficiency, high quality, operational excellence, and environmental stewardship are important to the success of our family business. These values give Stony Point an opportunity to infuse our culture of care for employees, product quality control, and environmental responsibility into Grab N’ Grow.

Stewardship in Action
What does Environmental Stewardship look like for a company that owns and operates 2 rock quarries, and just acquired a second soil processing facility?

• Meeting the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) Emissions Guidelines two full years before the deadline
• Installing efficiency systems on all equipment to reduce fuel consumption and extend hours between service intervals
• Upgrading equipment to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology which reduces emissions and environmental impacts
• Using bio-diesel and recycling all used fluids
• Becoming the only local producer to recycle asphalt composition shingles into recycled asphalt products which can be used in a variety of paving projects, eliminating the need to landfill old roofing materials
• Promoting use of recycled aggregate products by contractors and homeowners to increase waste diversion Installing solar panels and energy efficient fixtures on new office facility in Cotati

Innovation and Improvement
Don Liepold and Mark Soiland are excited about building on the success and great reputation of Grab N’ Grow and its products. Their first step is to upgrade equipment. New technology reduces environmental impacts and ensures compliance with the CARB. The new equipment will also increase product quality and consistency. Liepold and Soiland also plan to improve the customer experience in the yard, making it an all-weather facility that is customer-friendly. The synergy of this management team is unbelievable. They are beginning to design a new composting system run by solar panels. Watch for more news to come.

Passion for Family Business
Stony Point Rock Quarry, Inc. has been owned by the Soiland family since 1973. Marv Soiland, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, has been active in the construction and aggregate industries since the 1950’s. Each of his 7 children were initiated into the family business at the age of 13 with the admonition to call him “Marv” while at work. Mark Soiland, is 6th in the family birth order and as Chief Operations Officer and President, oversees daily production and sales at all locations. As the 2nd child and oldest female, my life has been centered on the family and our business, so as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer I oversee administrative, legal and permits for our company.

“We are an excellent team. Our father brings his wisdom and many years of experience to Marlene and I every day. I understand operations, love equipment, and am active in various groups in our community.” says Mark Soiland “And Marlene makes sure that our financial and human resources, accounting and legal affairs are all in order.”

The Soiland’s goal is to continue their family business for future generations. Marlene has 2 sons, Ross and Rex, who in their 20’s are active in the business. The family looks forward to initiating Mark’s children into the business when they are older.

Serving Sonoma County’s Aggregate and Soil needs from 3 Convenient Locations:

Stoney Point Rock Quarry, Inc.
7171 Stony Point Road, Cotati • 795-1775 • M-F 7:30-4:00, Sat 8:00-12:00
4202 Stage Gulch Road, Sonoma • 996-3400 * M-F 7:30-4:30, Sat by appt

Grab n' Grow Soil Products, Inc.
2759 Llano Road, Santa Rosa • 575-7275 • M-Sat 8:00-5:00 at landfills

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