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Monday, October 19, 2009

Occidental News & Events

Well, not to be too obvious, but summer is definitely over and fall is here! By the time you read and digest this, Harmony / Salmon Creek School’s Harvest Fair will have come and passed and, you will undoubtedly have had a great time!

Not too many submissions this month, so I’m going to wax on a bit about what’s going on at school. The OCA (see below) also seems to have gotten used to submitting press pieces and I hope “my readers” (I truly am LOL when I write that) are supporting this great, committed group.

Harmony / Salmon Creek School
The school year is fully underway now, with all sorts of initiatives taking place to better our campus and curriculum. Much involves the effort to integrate the recently completed Falls Center into the geography of the school. To whit, a large thank you to Laurel, her garden students, and volunteer parents and community members who planted the northwest corner outside the Center. Plans are now underway to finish the west side, the triangular “peninsula” of land in the parking area, and to install drip irrigation to all newly landscaped areas.

After more than four years without a safe soccer field, and virtually any playground equipment, plans are nearing completion to remedy the situation. I have a vision of school students, as well as children not yet in school, visiting families, and other area residents, being able to come and play on world-class, safe, fun, educational/exercise playground equipment.

When you think about it, there is very little play area for our children in the West County area. The school is the logical location for the community to support this kind of investment as it’s got the acreage and the facilities, and is one of the unifying institutions of our entire area. I think even non-parents understand how important good quality, attractive, inviting schools are to maintaining and enhancing property values, so everyone in the Occidental area should be interested in this project.

As much time and effort as have already been contributed by many, the work is still not finalized. As we speak, a committee is forming, consisting of parents, school staff, and community members to fast-track plans to purchase playground equipment during a special, yearly sale. Please call me regarding how you can contribute to the playground facilities drive, 707.874.3669.

Occidental Center for the Arts
A quick caveat emptor to you regarding some of the dates/times. This being West County, things truly are subject to change without notice. So always call and confirm plays/shows/events as the Vincent for Kids was cancelled earlier this month.

On Wednesday, November 11th, at 7 p.m., Stories of Thanksgiving will be presented by members of Rising Moon Playback Theater. This unique interactive improvisation experience will bring to life the audience's Thanksgiving stories.

Using words, music, and ritual, Rising Moon creates theater on the spot from everyday real-life stories told by the audience. You are invited to tell a story about Thanksgiving Day: the meal, the family, or whatever you wish to share. It may be a sad story, a funny story, or simply about something for which you feel grateful. Magic will unfold whether you tell your story or just watch.

Proceeds will benefit Occidental Center for the Arts; location—the Union Hotel, Bocce Ballroom, 3703 Main Street, Occidental. Suggested donation is $15-$25 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. A fixed price dinner is available, 5:30-7:00, for $15, which includes salad, bread, and pasta or pizza. Call 707.874.9392 or visit for reservations.

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