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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sonoma County Hay Assistance Program for Horses

Help get the Word Out
- Feed the Hungry Horses
Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue needs help in getting the word out about the Hay Assistance Program. Despite the hopeful reports on the financial pages of our nation; around the NorthBay economic hardships continue to cause heartbreak and our horses continue to be shipped out to slaughter. They cannot wait for an economic upturn. They gotta eat today.

Our Donate A Bale program in all the feed stores; as well as a grant from the national ASPCA folks, have allowed us to distribute hay and feed to needy horse owners. Please help us get this information to the folks that need it. We are targeting family pets that still have homes but whose fodder is becoming beyond the means of their owners.

Basic Guidelines and Application can be found on the front page of
Safer 707-824-9543


SAFER (Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue) has a program to help horse owners who are trying to hang on to the family's horses during these hard times. Hay and Feed are donated through the Donate A Bale program at all the local feed stores as well as supplied through a grant written by SAFER and granted by the national ASPCA. Criteria are as follows.

1. No Breeding of any kind in two year period.
2. Situation must be short term (3 months or less). Hay is provided one month at a time. SAFER may not be able to supply ALL the feed needs for that time period.
3. Assistance is granted when a complete application is submitted and a site check done. Documentation must be complete. This will include financial information as requested.
4. SAFER will also assist in rehoming horses if that is a better solution. SAFER has a free web site and email alert list that actively tries to find homes for the animals. See SAFER Horse for instructions on how to list your horse or sign up for the email alert list.
5. Participants will receive a “Gift Certificate” to a local feed store.
7. Feed must be used for the designated horses for the time indicated. Feed must be protected from rain and rodents. Feed must not be sold, given away or shared with animals not so indicted on the application.

HAP is provided by donations from the public to a registered charity.

Application and complete guidelines are available on the website. All donations to SAFER are tax deductible.

Donate A Rail
Now at Martin's Ranch Supply and
Wine Country Ranch Equipment

We need to construct some temporary pens at a foster ranch to hold horses from the auction and from surrender. NorCal Equine Rescue up in Oroville has a well known adoption facility. They will intake our auction horses but they can only come down once a month to get them. If you have any panels you can donate please do think of us and donate a few bucks at these wonderful Ranch Supply companies that are supporting this effort for the Horses.

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