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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guerneville News & Events Jan 2010

This is my first stab at attempting to inform the masses about the “what’s up” in Guerneville, so I’d like to take this time to apologize up-front, in lieu of any mistakes or forgotten events I will most likely commit.

First, in light of the passing holidays, I’d like to make a shout out to the entire community and the visitors who came for the Merchant Open House/Town Tree Lighting and the 9th Annual Parade of Lights. Of course credit is due to the organizers (Valerie Hausmann, to name one) for all their time and effort (and money) that is 100% volunteered. But attendance at this year’s parade was noticeably swollen, in comparison to the past few years. The lights were magnificent and the music was fun! And besides some complaints that the music wasn’t “Christmasey enough” I thought it was an overall successful and delightful event for our community.

But that is over, and the New Year is here: now what? In January, the river seems to slow down a bit more and everybody is tucked away in their respective corners, not to reveal themselves until the first break of sunshine and heat sometime in May. Not true; the winter months are jam-packed with live music, art displays/events, theatrical productions and gorgeous, delicious foods from our restaurants. I recently went to the Rio Nido Roadhouse to dine on state-of-the-art appetizers and dance to “The Pulsators” and had an awesome time! Then there’s Open Mic Night, Wednesdays at Club Yamagata where you can go venture for local talent and a good cocktail. And contrary to popular belief, Club Yamagata is a “bar for all,” not catering to only one exclusive group of people. Although their doors will be closed for a while, we get to look forward to their relocating to a new home, still in Guerneville. Details to come next month. But there’s always live music at the Bull Pen or the cabaret at Main Street Station; the point is, there’s ALWAYS someplace to go and something to do.

I’d like to take time to make mention of a fantastic family who graced the River with their presence some 5 years ago. Brad and Andrea Moran, who own and operate Mill Street Thrift, have been generously giving to the community on a consistent basis since their doors first opened. Originally located on Armstrong Woods Rd in a quaint little house directly across the street from the Senior Center is now the centre point of generosity and “good-will-toward-all” on Guerneville’s Mill Street. They operate a small food bank, providing various foods, from canned goods to loaves of bread and fresh vegetables and fruit (locally grown during the summer months). This food provides hot meals for local homeless individuals and hard-to-do families with small children. In addition to food, they also do a Sock & Blanket drive every Winter and hand these items out to the homeless. I can honestly say that this is “hands down” my absolute favorite thrift store (and I’ve been to plenty, myself); they carry modern, sophisticated, unstained women’s and men’s clothing & shoes, an entire room packed with children’s clothing and toys, kitchen items (ironically organized in the building’s kitchen area), electronics, accessories, movies and music and a wonderful array of household items and furniture who’s collection is constantly changing. Overall you are guaranteed to find something there that “tickles your fancy” and the best part is it’s all at thrift store prices! And a personal request: if you have any old blankets or Men’s jeans or Men’s shoes that are just taking up space in your home, drop them by Mill Street Thrift, ‘cause it’s guaranteed that there’s somebody in your community who could use them.

One more gab before I sign off for the month: Anybody out there who owns an apple tree or persimmon tree: share the wealth. If you do already, AWESOME! If it never crossed your mind, think of this: it’s food rotting in your back yard; food that a child could be eating. Stick up a sign on your fence saying “Respectfully Help Yourself” or leave a boxful on your driveway. But please, no more wasted food.

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