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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Living for a Blue Planet

By Vesta Copestakes
Each year we celebrate Earth Day, this year on April 22nd, with events highlighting both the joys of living on this paradise planet, as well as educational efforts to raise consciousness of how precariously balanced earth is.

While I sing the praises of what change we have accomplished, I also lament the lack of change fast enough to keep our earth in balance.

At our recent Easter Egg Hunt little plastic eggs were thrown out in the grass for children to find. Made in China. Filled with little candies wrapped in paper, etc. High fructose corn syrup, which goes straight to the brain asking for more.

Then I watched as children stomped on the plastic eggs to break them open, leaving shards on the ground. Why were parents not stopping them, helping them carefully open the eggs, then taking the plastic for recycling? I picked up tiny bright colored plastic bits so birds wouldn’t think they were food as I explained to these children the consequences of their actions.

Boo, Vesta. Can’t these kids just have fun? One day?

There are so many one days, one moments of unconsciousness. They add up and our planet is suffering. “I want it NOW” has a price of consequences over time.

In my own neighborhood we had frogs singing the joys of life each night. They mistook a community swimming pool left to winter for a large pond. It cost them their lives. The people in charge of the pool didn’t like the loud sound keeping them up at night, so they shocked the pool with chlorine long before anyone will swim in those now clear blue waters. Our nights are suddenly silent.

That ”pond” had attracted frogs from a neighbor’s pond across the hill, which now is also silent, because these frogs were foolish enough to seek out others they heard from a distance.

We used to have frogs in a little run-off stream at the bottom by Speer’s Market. Trucks slamming through the mud for entertainment killed off those frogs several years ago. It’s silent there as well. You can’t destroy habitat without destroying what lives there!

Just a bit of consciousness of how these frogs are our summer mosquito protection would go a long way. They are not noisy. They are singing for reproduction. Within a short time they would have been busy parenting, then eating bugs to keep summer nights comfortable for us.

We are all connected – we just need to see it that way.

Every time we pick up an object to purchase, if we think about where it came from, how long it will live in our life, and what we will do with it when we’re done, the choices we make from start to finish are likely to change. Consciousness is necessary on a grand scale in order for life cycles to be about healthy choices.

Think about it. Then at least try to do something about it. Every little change we make in the way we live that supports our planet, also supports life on it...our life.

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