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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Petaluma News March 2010

The Word Mangler
Introductory ramblings of a meandering mind in a town with an eclectic mix of citizens, iconic eggs, Victorian hearts, riverfront upstarts and an inviting sum of her parts! I shall introduce myself as a recent transplant, late of Occidental (how I love thee), owner of Heritage Salvage, a bit of a rabble-rouser (possible understatement), and a big fan of Petaluma.

Intentions Indeed!
While I go about detailing some events, retailing others, emailing many and I’m sure, derailing some with rumored asides from the town with the inland tides, I would like to invite my fellow Petalumanaries to send me various reports of “happenings of wonder, items of blunder, claps of thunder and plans gone asunder.”

I will try to get my research together for guidelines of community column, ie reporting on events in p’luma that you might not otherwise hear about . . . blah blah blah!!!

Cool Runnings
For now, I will report on some cool events I have attended in February. I went to Lagunitas Brewery for a meeting of the Petaluma Music Festival folks, (formerly known as the Wine Jazz and Blues Fest) and you can volunteer…get involved.
I attended a cool gallery presentation at the Mail Depot on 40 fourth St. Maureen is great…the theme… our salvaged hearts, well represented by Petaluminary art!

Mystic theatre, and many Petaluma Restaurants staged a great show and benefit for Doctors without Borders entitled “ to Haiti with love”, fab event, great music, too many restaurants to list donated 10% of their evening.

City council passes Target store application, “chagrin”, but I carry on with the Locavore Torch! The Seed Bank and Copperfields Books presented an Evening with Michael Pollan, a resounding turnout, not quite packed to the rafters, tough in that building what with the ceiling and all.

Coming in March . . .

The Farmer-Veteran Coalition is holding a Food and Farming Veteran Career Fair on March 5th from 9-4 in Santa Rosa 4 days ago

13 March:
Bounty Farm Work Day - Saturday March 13 (1:00 AM)