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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rio Nido News March 2010

Rio Nido Roadhouse
The buzz of business in Rio Nido is the biggest discussion currently. Not only do we have dozens of home businesses but we also have a solid brick and mortar business that employs nearly a dozen workers and attracts customers from all over. Previous generations refer to the business area of Rio Nido as The Center and that is where families would go to shop, bowl, enjoy a refreshment and even see a live show. As a matter of fact sometime in the 90’s we saw a banner stating “Regain Your Libido In Old Rio Nido, Dick Crest Live Pool Side!”. Who Could resist such a party call as this?

Great Bands Since Brad Metzger took over the pool and bar in Rio Nido we have seen regular shows year ‘round with the likes of D’giin, Gamma Rhythm, Fargo Brothers, Thugz, Linda Ferro Band, The Pulsators and so many others. All of this being said Brad has received a cease and desist order of all amplified music as well as an order to remove the twenty plus year old band stand. Hmmm, a business that employs so many and entertains many many many more has to fight for it’s right to survive. The good news is Brad is not fighting this alone but has a support base rallying behind him from San Bruno to Willits. For all of you interested in helping and not sure how to do so can write a letter of support for the restaurant including your thoughts, feelings and stories that involve you and your family’s experiences at the Roadhouse and previous incarnations. These letters can be mailed to the Roadhouse (PO Box 425 Guerneville CA 95446) as well as emailed directly to our district Supervisor Efren Carrillo ( and be sure to cc Brad at

Poolside Stories can include but not limited to any of the following wonderful stories. Easter Egg hunts, Hawaiin Lu’au parties, Family Hoe-Down BBQ, Avon Walk For Life Breast Cancer Benefit, Chili Cook-off for Paco’s Glaucoma Surgery, Spaghetti and Chili Cook-Offs for Guerneville & Monte Rio School Programs, Family Marshmallow Roasts, Memorial Service for “PG&E Mike”, Weddings for Dave & Debbie and Mark & Nancy, BMW Motorcycle Club Events, Russian River Photo Club Meetings and the like. These functions are not sustainable without live music two to three times a week.

By The Numbers
Like counting jelly beans in a jar, how many Hawaiin Lu’au parties have been held by the Rio Nido Pool? The winner of this contest gets the satisfaction of being right. If you need an easier challenge please come on down and count the assortment of beers on tap (we think it’s 15). If counting is your thing and we can already tell it is then try to count all the actors and actresses looking to audition for the rumored Pegasus play to be held at the Rio Nido Lodge. They may have found their Blanche but Stanley has been tough to locate… Is this how rumors start?

Upcoming Events
The Rio Nido Home Owner’s Association is hosting a Neighborhood Watch Meeting in early April (watch for the signs). A community clean-up also sponsored by they RNHOA is slated for late Spring. Already a committee is discussing plans for clearing debris from the creeks and river banks as well as painting the Rio Nido tunnel. Rio Nido Community Garden spring seed planting begins April 1st. Spaces are limited so please contact to check plot availability. Pee Wee Golf adopt-a-hole program is looking for handy and creative people to come and roll up their sleeves and help freshen up the golf course.

New Resident to Rio Nido should be arriving before this article goes to print. We want to welcome Joe and Rebecca Ford’s bouncing baby boy. It won’t be long and he will be swinging at the park and watching the dogs frolicking across the creek. Congratulations from all of us!