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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tarot Reading for the World

A Tarot Card Reading for the World
By Magick

Courage is the Key
Every year I do a Tree of Life reading to understand how to connect our individual paths with the larger picture.

Courage is the key to a resilient future as we release a dysfunctional world and continue creating new, local, and more communal structures for an organic and sustainable future.

This is represented by the 7 of Wands, called “Valour’ which has been my favorite card for years. (Check my website for the story of Mars) It calls us to reinvent Mars as the creative warrior free of cruelty, violence and domination. No need to judge Mars as inherently bad, instead we can reinvent him full of tenacity, enthusiasm, and flexibility. Lets take on our own demons and end external projections that are the root cause of all his old conflicts.

We will need his resiliency as we move to Chokmah, father wisdom, and find Death XIII wielding his scythe, bringing to the surface and releasing negative emotions and demolishing institutions of male dominance.

Crossing over to Binah, the understanding mother is still mourning her son, the tragic figure of The Hanged Man XII. In the Piscean Age of the sacrificed god we pushed the best and brightest to the top to be martyred, now we can rise enmasse to accept the mantle of self-governance. Time to throw away the childish need for parents in the form of rulers and religious figures that used guilt and shame to enslave us.

Creative Destruction
The Hanged Man and Death are telling us there is no turning back. Sadly, this combination suggests continued war and death as the good and evil paradigm sheds its many disguises to reveal itself as a tool of oppression.

We cannot prop up failed structures out of fear that everything is falling apart. Everything is falling apart, cracking open, to let the light in.

Try on a new paradigm shift by inviting in this unprecedented opportunity to reinvent all our systems. Many of the solutions are already here: alternative wellness modalities, education that encourages creative, involved and thoughtful children, biodynamic farming, non-violent solutions to conflict, co-ops and consensus based forms of business and government.

Next we find the 4 of Swords, “Truce”, suggesting a temporary cease-fire as the first step towards employing mediation and reconciliation. Here we can find common ground allowing true peace to gradually follow. May it be so!

Authentic Life Work
Crossing the tree we walk the Leo path of passionate life work strengthening our ability to resist the “Interference” tricky Jupiter throws in our way in the 8 of Swords. The twin temptations of fame and fortune will dance seductively before us. To stay the course measure every opportunity against your true will. Soul-driven choices will keep you in your own orbit safe from accidents, disasters, and difficulties rocking the world on a daily basis.

Coming into the center of the tree remember that home is where the heart is, symbolized by Mercury (communication) in Cancer (home) in the 3 of Cups. Take the time to deepen connections and celebrate life by cooking and eating together and creating simple rituals like storytelling and art projects. Within families it will be necessary to intervene when possessiveness and jealousy disguise themselves as love.

Toward a Gifting Society
Next the Queen of Wands steps forward like the Statue of Liberty herself and calls us to serve our communities with the gift of time instead of throwing money at any problem that arises.
In the past two years the Princess has held forth, now she has matured, releasing melodrama and self-absorption to find her light shines brightest when she gives her unique talents lovingly to the world. The Queen is the only personality card so her generous spirit is our key role model. To make wise choices and avoid burnout she suggests we simply ask, “Does this drain or energize me?”

Joie de Vivre!
The next card, called Art XIV, emphasizes that opposites are truly complimentary, fortifying our courage to resist hate mongering used by dictatorships, fundamentalist religions, and corrupt corporations to divide us. In the realm of human sexuality it is time to see our identities as fluid and authentic, not rigidly defined as right or wrong. May gay mean happy once again!

Next the 7 of Cups, “Debauchery”, calls our yang aspect to find new respect for the pleasures of this world, ending the addictive and enslaving abuse of her body, be it in the form of women or the earth’s resources. Temporary fixes hook us into the role of consumer as our defining job. We are convinced through the media of our inadequacies and sold our solutions in the marketplace.

In our final card the 10 of Cups, “Satiety”, Mars appears for his final curtain call to remind us we desperately need to let go of questing for the next best thing. Tens are the signal we can go no further and it is time to chart a new course starting with the Ace of Cups a present moment expression of joie de vivre!

Let the old world die, life is not dying, just a worn out, alienating way of life. If we stay in our hearts the answers will come.

Stay Grounded
The element of earth is absent from this reading so it will take work to stay grounded. Eat well, grow your own food if you can, exercise in uplifting ways, and listen to your body; it lives in the present moment and it never lies.

Take courage, the darkest hour is just before dawn!


Magick reads Tarot a Infusions Teahouse in Sebastopol weekday afternoons, teaches classes and is currently writing a book on the Tarot. magick 707 327 7940