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Monday, June 27, 2011

Forever Forestville - July 2011

Well, it was late in arriving, but arrive it did with a fun and festive Summer Celebration. It seems to me that the weather delayed Forestville Parade and Youth Park Bar-B-Que brought out the best in everyone around our town, as bands were rescheduled, volunteers recruited, and vendors put on hold, to help with the success of this vital fund raiser. I had a blast working in the food booth and really enjoyed meeting many readers of this column. I can’t wait until next year.

There are many thanks to be offered to the countless volunteers that made this event possible. Last month I mentioned many of you that helped with the bar-b-que. I’d like to take the time now to thank those that helped and participated in the parade. Rick Cutler, Leslie Zumwalt, Hans Bruhner, Joey Baba, Deborah and Tom Padrick, River Reimann, Celeste Singh, Tommy Lee, Bob and Laurie Johnson, Charlie Chenoweth, Chris Hataway, Bill Fergusen, Jamie Dutton, Christy Simmons, Diane Nelson, Patty Baxman, Hal Woods, Carol Carter & The Methodist Church, Boy & Cub Scouts Pack 150, Cathy Cutler, Erik Cutler, Sue Coleman, Jan & Bill Bullard, Chuck & Pat Stone, Richard Naegle, Sunny Reynolds, Robin Berardini, Dave & Erin New, Ron Francheschi, Ricky Francheschi, Officer Brown, Officer Chavez.

And here are this year’s parade winners:
1st place - El Molino High School Cheer Squad
2nd place - Cub Scouts pack 150: Ty Sword
3rd place - Color Guard with Boy Scouts: Arturo Alva, Clint Olson, Jake Peter

1st place - Llamas of the Wine Country
2nd place - Ms. Mork (retired Forestville School teacher after 41 years!)
3rd place - Redwood Empire Model T Club

1st place - Blossoming Banjos with Mark Sever
2nd place - The Love Choir

1st place - Nightingale Breads
2nd place - Almost Home Doggie Daycare
3rd place - Forestville Pharmacy

1st place - Forestville Fire Protection District
2nd place - Northbay Military Vehicle Club
3rd place - Sonoma County Sheriff's Office - Marine Safety Unit


THANK YOU Parade Volunteers! It takes a lot of people to put on a parade and we want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. If you want to be part of our community party next year, go visit Leslie Zumwlat at frame of Mind downtown or e-mal her at: It’s ever too early to start!

Rick Cutler
Leslie Zumwalt
Hans Bruhner
Joey Baba
Deborah and Tom Padrick
River Reimann
Celeste Singh
Tommy Lee
Bob and Laurie Johnson
Charlie Chenoweth
Chris Hataway
Bill Fergusen
Christy Simmons
Diane Nelson
Patty Baxman
Hal Woods
Carol Carter & The Methodist Church
Boy & Cub Scouts Pack 150
Cathy Cutler
Erik Cutler
Sue Coleman
Jan & Bill Bullard
Chuck & Pat Stone
Richard Naegle
Sunny Reynolds
Robin Berardini
Dave & Erin New
Ron Francheschi
Ricky Francheschi
Jamie Dutton
Officer Brown
Officer Chavez

It was a truly special event!

Student Snippets:

On May 25th, Community Members, Families, Retired Staff and Teachers gathered in the Multi-Purpose Room to honor the nine retirees leaving Forestville School this year. It was great to see so many familiar faces. At one point during the afternoon my kindergarten, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers were all together reminiscing about years gone by. It is hard to imagine the school without these dedicated women. But just a few weeks later, six magnificent new teachers were welcomed to the staff. Let us all welcome these newcomers to our school and community.

You might have noticed lots of activity going on at Forestville School over the last few weeks. It is Measure K money at work. Outdated classrooms are being refurbished, leaky roofs repaired, and a malfunctioning phone system replaced to make the school more efficient, safe and productive. Thank you for making these improvements possible!

El Molino will begin classes on Wednesday August 17th, and Forestville will resume on Monday, August 22nd.

That’s it for this month. Please keep information coming my way. This is your column about your town; so don’t hesitate to inform me of events, information, and fun facts about what’s going on in and around Forestville. Be sure to email me by the 15th of each month so I can meet my deadline.

Buy local, stay happy, and enjoy every moment you have celebrating life!