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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guerneville Labor Center Opens for Business

Suzanna Mayo, Director, teacher and community liaison for the Guerneville Day Labor Center, talks with laborers standing on the street looking for work. Guerneville merchants are trying to solve the problem of laborers on the street before the summer tourist season starts. Store owners are concerned that so many laborers right downtown will discourage people from doing business in their community.
Plea to Employers of Day Laborers
By Suzanna Mayo
Yes, we are new on the block. Maybe you have passed our table, tarp and sign on your way west or east. The Park ’n Ride is our new place until we can get a permanent Guerneville Day Labor Center.

After convincing workers that the Day Labor Center is a good idea for the town AND the workers, Suzanna moves with them down to the west end of town to the Park n' Ride.

Skilled workers for hire
Yes, we are day laborers but we gladly accept work for more than one day and offer both basic laborers (neck down) and neck up (skilled in painting, carpentry and landscaping.)

We serve all Guerneville/West County in two ways: thru community service projects like the MD liquors/American Savings beautification project … (Please go by and see the succulent garden if you haven’t noticed it yet.)

Offering a safe and secure way for you to employ folks to help you.
It has amazed me, a volunteer community liaison myself; to see Guerneville people turn out to support this all-town effort. People seem to always end the conversation with the question: “What can I do to help?

You can help the effort. Only hire from the Park ’n Ride. We are open 7-2 Monday thru Saturday.

The gentlemen who run the center will tell you who is next on the list and you see if you want to hire them. Our workers get daily instruction on English as a second language and will be happy to greet and talk to anyone who stops by the table.

Call ahead for Specific Skills
You can also call ahead and I will set you up with skilled or general labor.

My cell and the working number for the Guerneville Day Labor Center is 303-981-9938.
Please call, stop by, or just support us. When people drive by in trucks we wave, especially if you honk and give us a friendly hello. We are friendly.

If you would like to meet me I’m at the table most days from 9:30-10:30 teaching English. Another good person to meet is Lupe, Angel or Miguel Angel.

These three men have a stake in Guerneville and Guerneville Day Labor Center. They have loyalty and open communication lines to our friends at Graton Day Labor Center, (especially Community organizer Davin and Asuzena, the first woman to stand on the street looking for work in Graton.)

Lupe shared his vision with me for our wonderful community: Every last man (including every laborer at MD parking lot) will join in our efforts of creating our Guerneville Day Labor Center. He figures we are different from Graton, Fulton, Santa Rosa, Windsor and Healdsburg because we are a tourist town. We welcome tourists, respect and depend upon them for our livelihood.
From a personal standpoint, I see us all getting along just fine. This letter is just a plea for continued understanding, tolerance and support.

Please employers, continue to ”think global, act local”. We at the Park ’n Ride Guerneville Day Labor Center are a sustainable (human) resource with your practical help. Please make this work. Stop hiring off the street. You’ll be pleased with the result.

Note: If you know someone, just continue to drive up, and your former trusted employees will definitely go with you. The going fair rate is $12.00 per hour for general labor/$18.00 per hour for skilled labor.

Don’t cheat yourself out of fair value.
And after a full day’s work what can a conscientious employer expect?

Satisfaction in a job well done. Self-respect inherent in supporting Guerneville.

If you would be able to leave a quick note or comment to me in person/by phone after you’ve seen a good job done, we can see this center take off.

I am available for positive or constructive commentary at 303-901-9938 or 707-591-5518. All I ask is that you help these men make an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work. I hope you agree with me in regards to these American values; it is the citizenry – us - that make America great.

Thank you in advance.
And, thank you to the many, many positive business owners, retired and homeless folk, charitable organizations, non-profits, sheriffs, fire fighters, media persons etc. You caring residents of Guerneville have offered hope, practical feedback, welcome, space for English as a second language to be taught, and yes even money. We at the Guerneville Day Labor Center couldn’t be more grateful.

Still need your questions answered? There will be a bilingual public forum held in town for all of you, the stakeholders, at the end of April. It will start at 6 and last until 8. Please come and share/hear about our and ultimately your successes.

Suzanna Mayo, Director, teacher and community liaison Guerneville Day Labor

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