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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cancer Treatment in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine and the Treatment of Cancer
by Marcy Basel

According the World Health Organization, more than 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year, and more than 6 million die from cancer. It is projected in the next 20 years these numbers will increase by 50%. The primary objectives of cancer treatment are cure, prolongation of life and improvement of the quality of life. Treatment with Western medicine may involve surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. The treatment with Chinese Medicine involves acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes. Traditional Chinese medicine has produced extremely promising results in dealing with the adverse affects and complications occurring during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have been working with cancer patients over the last eighteen years and while I was in acupuncture school I was diagnosed with melanoma on my face so I spent five years of my education focusing on many different types of cancer along with alternative means of treatment. I have also had experience with two major oncologists at St. John’s Hospital for three years assisting them and working with their patients both in the clinic and in the hospital.

The past several years I have treated many types of cancer and many different stages of cancer. I have found that Chinese medicine works synergistically with Western medicine methods to alleviate symptoms of a physical nature, disease stages, pathology and possible complications. I have noticed that my patients who are going through chemotherapy have done very well regarding theory nausea, tiredness and excess internal heat. The treatment in Western medicine seems to injure the Vital Qi and the acupuncture, diet and herbs seem to balance out many of the symptoms and helps the patient regarding their recovery. My job is to balance the immune system and also balance the Yin and Yang in the body. I have found that chemo and radiation both create and extreme amount of internal heat so acupuncture supports the Vital Qi, clears the heat, relieves toxicity, invigorates the blood, softens hardenings, dissipates lumps and corrects the inharmony.

Using Chinese Medicine along with surgery treats the local systemic system and helps to create an anti-cancer environment throughout the body. There are certain protocols for before, after and during cancer treatments, which help to nourish the body so it is not depleted. I have found that it is best for a patient to avoid anxiety, banish tension and create daily activities that move the Qi and are nourishing. The diet is also important to avoid heat-producing foods so that the Spleen is fortified and the Kidneys are boosted. Over the past ten years I have a created a protocol of vitamins, herbs, green drinks and American ginseng tea to help move a patient into remission and true health.

I have recently been treating a patient who had many cancerous tumors in her abdomen and was diagnosed with third stage cancer. Throughout her two-year journey of pain and discomfort she kept telling the doctor that something was wrong and it went undiagnosed until she experienced severe pain. Working with the oncologists many patients kept telling their doctors that something was wrong and they were never really examined until it was third or fourth stage cancer and many doctors just said it was nothing…please insist if you feel that something is wrong that the doctor takes further tests no matter what they may think. The melanoma on my face went undiagnosed until I insisted the dermatologist took a skin sample and sent it off to the lab. I was the one who insisted on the test, she claimed I was fine. The results of my patients surgery has been very rough on her, To begin with she had an allergic reaction to her treatments and had to be rushed to the hospital, She also has experienced severe weight loss, sores down her esophagus, severe burns under her arms and swelling in her legs. Through acupuncture, herbs and diet she is doing much better and her moods and outlook have been lifted as well. I even found her a Chinese crème that totally healed under her arms in two days.

It is an important time to take our own health into our own hands and take responsibility for our lives. Through the guidance of alternative healers we can assist the treatment of cancer and have a variety of methods available to us for our healing. Please create a system of health for yourselves where you are being nurtured on a deeper level than just the western system. These two work very well together and help to heal a person from the inside out so that their health is forever alive and well. It is my experience that offering this range of treatments will provide a major improvement in your quality of life and enables you to fight against your illness with more determination. My treatments balance the meridians, increase the immune system and also enhance the healing process as well as protect the body from future re-occurrences of cancer.

Marcy Basel

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