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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roblar Road Quarry Final EIR Ready for Review

Roblar Road Proposed Quarry
The FINAL Environmental Impact Report is Ready for Review at PRMD web site:

If you’d like to learn some history on this proposed project – please go to this web site created by citizens concerned with this project:

Quarries will continue to be an issue in our county because much-needed aggregate material - rock - is located in the hills near where people live. One of the reasons people live there is because these quarries created jobs and people settled near their jobs. Now that we are protecting our rivers from gravel mining, we need rock products to come from land-based quarris. There is no road that does not use rock. Every home requires rock products to be built. The list goes on and on. Rock is part of the construction and maintenance of our lives. Where we obtain this rock is the question for many and as time goes on, quarries are operating at higher levels of environmental responsibility all the time...hence the Environmental Impact Reports and rules and regs around the impact these quarries have both on the land and on neighbors.

Sonoma County Citizens for Responsible Land Use

We are a group of Sonoma County residents who are concerned about the rural land use in the county. There are a number of private projects that are for profit ventures that endanger the environment and create potential fiscal costs to Sonoma County taxpayers.

We encourage you to investigate our site to understand the issues that you might be paying for in future taxes!

We also encourage you to write to your supervisors, state and federal legislators about land use in Sonoma County.

Citizens Against Roblar Rock Quarry

Our primary issue is the proposed development of a rock quarry next to an old Sonoma County Landfill!

The project is located on Roblar Rd.
• The landfill has potentially dangerous materials that were dumped in the 50's and 60's.
• The landfill has no protective liner to prevent leaking.
• The quarry will blast rock from the property adjacent to the landfill. They propose once to twice a month with 20 to 25 detonations
• Sonoma County and its residents can be liable for the environmental damage to the landfill as a result of the blasting.
• This damage could affect the water wells in the area, land contamination, and present heath risks to residents, people using Roblar Road on their way to the coast.
• The project will have 149 rock trucks on Roblar, Pepper, Mecham and Stony Point roads an annual impact of 37,500 additional rock trucks!
• Roblar Rd is a favorite route for bicyclists.
• Roblar Rd does not have a bicycle lane or is fit for the additional truck traffic that the quarry will create
• Dunham School is located on Roblar Road, which makes the children subject to the increased traffic.
• Operation hours 6 AM to 10PM weekdays and 6 AM to 4:30 PM Saturdays

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