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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small Shops of Sonoma County - 2009 Shopping Tour

Welcome to My Personal Mission
This is my 7th Annual Shopping Tour originally inspired by my newspaper delivery route through West Sonoma County - the small towns I call home. It’s been the Small Town Shopping Tour for six years, then last year I started including small shops in small cities where downtown is considerably larger than one, two or three “blocks”! With my circulation expansion over the years, I decided it was time to change the name of the tour to Small Shops of Sonoma County, since it’s the shops and shop keepers I’m telling you about.

The one thing that remains similar whether towns are large or small is that these shops are owned by individuals who put their hearts and lives into what they do. Entrepreneurs tend to work very long hours performing a multitude of jobs.

We often ask ourselves why we do this when other people we know have evenings and weekends to do with as they please. We work. We bring up things like “freedom to follow our own path - make our own successes and failures, etc.”

Being one of those individuals who insists on doing it my way, I have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs efforts by encouraging readers to support individuals rather than large corporations when they do their holiday shopping.

This year I have guest writers helping with the task and bringing their own perspective to my mission. I’ll start with Alan’s Joseph’s second article on the subject of Cash vs. Credit. We both want to encourage you to keep those credit cards in your wallet and pay with cash. Alan will explain why.

One of my guest writers is my daughter Aleta Taylor who joined me this years as my Ad Sales Manager. I encouraged her to put some editorial behind the people she enjoyed meeting while she was out becoming familiar with our shops, so she took the towns where she lives and purchases goods for her family.

The shops we write about are owned by good people with warn hearts who contribute to their communities in numerous ways. That means a lot to us. There is no “them” in small towns - it’s all “us” who gets things done. So when you read about shops and shop owners, please keep in mind that these are the people who maintain our homes and local economy.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for being conscious shoppers who understand the value of supporting the people whose shops line our streets with goods and services we need. As long as we take care of them, they will remain here to take care of us.

Town by Town through the Gazette Readership Area

I’m starting with Guerneville for two reasons: one, because I ended here last year so it’s their turn to start the tour. And two, because Michael Clark of Dawn Ranch Lodge coordinated a group of Guerneville’s merchants to support this tour with a full page ad - on the back cover - to encourage you to visit their Russian River community and wander through their remarkably diverse collection of shops. I appreciate their support of my personal mission.

I’ll be honest with you - it takes a lot of effort to create this tour and a lot of money to publish it, so I have no problem giving extra support to merchants who purchased ads. I write about the people who make our communities thrive, so I appreciate their commitment to me in return. We’re all in this together. Putting your Holiday dollars in the hands of local merchants keeps those dollars at home.


Because of it’s location on the Russian River, Guerneville has an economy driven by tourism. Just getting here is like going into a decompression chamber. Most people commute via River Road, an exit off Hwy 101 just north of Santa Rosa. Within minutes you start seeing broad vistas of wine grapes stretched out across the valley floor. By the time you hit Forestville, Redwood trees line the road and you have entered the land of river and forest. This is the place I call home.

Guerneville hits national news about every decade because of the Russian River flooding over its boundaries. There’s a positive side to these floods even though they are quite devastating at the time…the place gets a good clean-up and restoration! Each follow-up to a flood brings new merchants to town full of enthusiasm.

The newest kids on the block are Rex and Buck of Nexus Organic. They started a flower shop at the west end of town then moved into a bigger shop on the right just as you enter downtown. You can’t miss it - it’s bright red and teal! That flash of color is a good indicator that there’s a lot going on inside. Artists from all over West County have their wares here from handwoven scarves to tiled bird baths. The variety is astounding. And artistry is part of why I want to support the efforts of these shop owners. Just as you enter the door there’s a barrel on the left for people to drop art supplies for Guerneville School’s budding artists. This is the stuff of community support and why it’s so important that you support local merchants.

Buck is also one of the many merchants in town who put up the hanging flower baskets you see along downtown’s streets. Dax Berg of Sonoma Nesting Company across the street and a large contingency of Russian River Chamber of Commerce merchants combined their efforts to dress up downtown. There is no “them” in Guerneville. It’s all us.

Art and artistry are a large part of all our river communities. Perhaps it’s the beauty and solace of our forests that draws creative people to live here. On the Plaza in Gurenvile you’ll find Russian River Art Gallery which features the work of a dozen local artists all in one tiny gallery. They cover all media and many offer greeting card reproductions of their work. Great pizza next door at Andorno’s as well - and here is were you’ll find the Russian River Chamber of Commerce if you want to learn more about our region.

And just on the other side of the fountain you’ll see Sonoma Nesting Company, Dax and Smitty have a rather astounding collection of unique items from ancient art to locally made pillows. One of my favorite gifts for myself came from this shop - a hand carved river otter I bought for $12. Yes, you can afford one-of-a-kind art.

Because Guerneville is a tourist attraction and tourism suffered badly this year in the down economy, local merchants are doing everything they can to bring people to town - and they have a lot to offer! Restaurants, like Dawn Ranch Lodge, have special pricing and package deals to lure people through their doors. Michael added sweetness to his support of local merchants by offering discounts and free meals at his Roadhouse Restaurant for people who shop in Guerneville (see his back page ad for details). Bed & Breakfasts are offering large discounts to encourage locals to spend the night, put up family & friends over the holidays, etc. Lynne Cressione of Creekside Inn just on the outskirts of town, offers a 20% discount for locals. This is a great time to save money on treats for yourself as well as others.

Now that I’m a grandmother, Guerneville’s 5 & 10 has taken on new meaning. Remember paper dolls? This place has them. Want wooden toys, puzzles, tiny animals in a bag? Animal purses in pink and white? This is the place. I was stopped on the street recently by someone asking if they have a jelly bean factory in there. No - but you can get all kinds of sweets - along with art supplies, novelty toys - it’s a wonder in their. And - it’s always full of laughter. You need a lift? Walk through these doors.

And for the pure joy of color, antiques and dazzling jewelry among many, many items - please visit John and Grant at Altered Images. They are at the west end of town next to the Union 76 gas station. You can find them by the spinning, sparkling wind sculptures they hang out under the open porch roof. These mean are always gracious, always kind - they have lovely gifts at very affordable prices that you just don't find other places.

And just up the street toward the center of town you'll find Vine Life where Jim sells local wines, local jams, locally made gifts and an astounding collection of tree ornaments. It's a tight little store filled with a large variety of gifts that support our local economy.

Here’s one for you - just one block north of Main Street at Armstrong Woods Road (the plaza corner) on 3rd Street you’ll find John Rizzi Glassworks creating blown glass ornaments every weekend. It’s fascinating to watch someone melt glass and turn it into something beautiful right before your eyes. Want to make something yourself? Visit Shannon in Rainbow Fabrics. She has all kinds of notions, etc. for making your own gifts!

This shop and John Rizzi are along Armstrong Woods Road. I encourage you to take a diversion here and breathe air that is rare because it’s created by our majestic redwoods. Not far up this road is the entrance to Armstrong Woods State Park. Here you’ll find the people who put hours and hours of their lives into preserving access to our parks and wildlife - Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods. They have a lovely gift shop filled with stuffed critters of the forest, books on those critters and plants, backpacks and all sorts of educational and fun ways to enjoy our beautiful planet. Each purchase you make helps the Stewards work to keep our parks open for everyone.

And speaking of enjoying nature - Kings Sport & Tackle has literally everything you need to stay warm and comfy in the great outdoors, whether its just a hike in the woods or a fishing trip up river. They also have colorful rubber boots we envy when we see them on small children. This store has them in colors for adults! Long underwear, pajamas and warm slippers as well. Everything you need to stay warm on these cold nights.

If you are so inclined - the first weekend of December is all about celebration and features a full-on party Saturday night with their Parade of Lights. It starts Thursday Dec. 3rd with a Downtown Open House and Town Tree Lighting then ends on the 5th with this amazing parade from 7 to 8pm with dazzling floats & live music. Find complete information at the Russian River Chamber of Commerce.


Now here’s a town that’s not going to overwhelm you with shopping opportunities, so that makes it really easy! If you have a golfer in your life you won’t find a more unique golf course than Northwood Golf Course. The course wanders through towering Redwoods and in the spring you play surrounded by brilliantly colored blossoms of Rhododendrons. In winter you’ll see golfers out in light rain and heavy fog. The Golf Shop has everything a golfer needs because if you haven’t brought it with you, this is the only place you’ll find it for miles! If you don’t know golf, get a Gift Certificate. This place vibrates green any time of year!

Monte Rio is your destination for wine! Sophie’s Cellars is known for well-chosen wines and cheeses and all the information you need for selecting the perfect gift, as well as wine to consume. John Haggard writes our Wine Banter column and he not only knows his wines, and cheeses, he also loves to talk about them! You tell him your taste, or the taste of a friend for whom you are buying a gift, and he’ll show you a variety to choose from. I bought the most amazing $6 bottle of wine from him because he knows his wine! He also guest-teaches food and wine pairing at Monte Rio Community Center!! Check our Holiday Craft Fair calendar for the fair that is coming up.

If the sun is warm on a weekend, you’ll find Natasha Perhrson set up with her exotic jewelry and sundry crafts on tables by the Monte Rio Theater. Natasha writes out Cazadero column and is a major volunteer in our communities. The huts by the theater also house a small gallery right now. This is my absolute favorite theater because it’s anything but modern and flashing. You can settle into your seat with a hot mug of herbal tea and one of Don’s Dogs and there you are - at home with your own HUGE screen TV. Ah the comforts of country life!


By Tom O’Bryan of the Blue Heron

Gloria Tamagni of Weavers and Dreamers fame is on the move again, after the holidays the girls are taking over the Duncans Mills General store. January the move is on, They will now be known as the Tamagni’s General Store. So stop, shop, and snack! Come and see the holiday train and trolls before they move. With their “daily” Holiday Sale up to 30% off!

Also on the move is The Horse and Butterfly Tea room. With a new owner and a new name; Brian Trombly and Ron Harmon have purchased the shop and renamed it Mr. Trombly’s Tea.

Specializing in all things tea, with over 65 fine teas to choose from. A large selection of Vintage and new teapots, as well as many tea accessories. They also feature a tea of the day which you can sample. I personally discovered that a tea set is a fantastic, last minute, “geez I forgot again” gift idea. The gift went over very, very well I must say.

The Quercia Gallery featured exhibit is “Bowls, Bowls, Bowls”. Hand thrown soup bowls for the warmth of the Holiday Season. Come in and choose the bowl that fits your hand. A great gift idea! Everyone loves soup. Opening December 5th, with a reception from 3 - 6.

The log cabin on the West side of town, Antiquarian, becomes enchanted for the holidays. With gorgeous décor, locally grown Protea flowers and an eccentric mix of antiques.
Cape Fear is now taking reservations for their Thanksgiving Day Buffet. Don’t miss it! Call 865-9246.

A favorite stop of mine is Jim and Willie’s. With Willie being the dom and Jim the sub. With Sir Jim saying his wares range from the “sublime to the ridiculous”. (did I just say that?) A quaint, whimsical antique shoppe reminiscent of jolly olde England located in the Country Stores Courtyard of Duncans Mills.

Coming in December, with a date soon to be announced, will be a community wide (free food buffet) Hosted by The Blue Heron. In appreciation of the warmth and love bestowed upon “The Blue” by our great river citizens. Yes, live music as always with never a cover!

And just in case fabric napkins are your favorite way to dab at your lips during dinner, a local
seamstress has lovely cotton ones for sale at Gold Coast Coffee next door.
“Come as a stranger…leave as a friend.” That’s us in Duncans Mills.

Heading out toward the Sea along Hwy 116 to Jenner - where the Russian River empties into the Pacific Ocean.


This is one of my favorite motorcycle ride destinations for when I want a quick jaunt. Out and back takes about an hour from my home and the curvaceous road gives me oh-so-much pleasure to ride. Many times Alan and I will stop at Café Aquatica for a bowl of soup while we sit by the river and watch kayakers pass. Last time I ran into Diane from Jenner Inn and she told me to come by for soup at their place. Richard Murphy who owns the inn and restaurant keeps a tureen of soup ready for guests at any time. If you’ve never stopped by, check out the parlor on the left as you enter. This is of another world! And they have a sheltered front porch glassed in to protect you from wind but still letting in warmth from the sun. This is nice - real nice! I haven’t tasted the new menu yet, stop by and report back!

Jenner is a magic place. It’s where the Russian River flows into the sea and that makes it home to passionate environmentalists who work long hours to protect the fish, the water and harbor seals. We’ve had meetings at Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods Gift Shop here - yes, a second location to purchase gifts that teach the intimacies of our planet. The shop is open on weekends and is right along the river.

Here you’ll also find Seagull Gifts which as been here as long as I can remember. Joel has a wide selection of jewelry at remarkably affordable prices, stuffed animals like colorful octopus and sea turtles, t-shirts & sweatshirts of exceptional quality, greeting cards of local scenery, and of course, shells! He also has a great kids room full of educational toys and even garden statuary and wind chimes! I brought Alan in here just to show him around and he went away with a whole collection of gifts for his employees. Joel is a good man, volunteers in his community, has kids on local school sports teams and deserves your shopping support!

And if you have always wanted to sit in a kayak on the broad blue waters where the Russian River widens before it enters the sea, look for WaterTrek Eco Tours tent in the parking lot of Jenner C-Store. You'll also spot Suki's colorful boats lined up along the shore just below by the Stewards of the Coast Gift Shop. There's nothing quite like the peace of gliding on water.


I'm flying past Bodeg Bay this tour because statistics prove that 75% of tourist traffic is on our coastal communities. That could explain why those businesses aren't advertising this holiday season - they are comfortable!
And it's not just tourists who flock to the beaches - its the rest of us as well. Going to the coast even for an our brings peace to our souls. My favorite coffee shop is Jim Irving's Roadhouse at the north end of Bodega bay - a good stop for a bite and warm mug. The art galleries are wonderful and restaurants tasty and satisfying. Have fun exploring!


See this smiling woman to your right? That’s Yeunny the Dressmaker and she is the essence of what I’m talking about when I sing the praises of individuals who know the value of community and being mutually supportive. Yeunny is the warmth of sunshine and the glow of rainbows - not just because she loves to sew with colorful fabrics. Her heart is pure gold so if you need to find the end of that rainbow, come to Bodega. You might even find the perfect outfit for the holiday and I know for a fact you can find a silk scarf that will adorn and warm the neck of just about anyone, male or female.

In such a tiny town you’d think there’s not much to do but I’d like to recommend you walk to the west end of town and visit Lorenzo at Landmark Gallery. This the kind of gallery where you feel right at home. From tiny paintings and hand made jewelry to giant etchings and sculpture, it’s all here with no pressure.

Cup o’ Mud has moved out of their miniscule hut to the same building where Yuenny sews at the window. They weren’t open when I visited last but the coffee has always been excellent and the baked good supreme. They also make a fantastic bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon if that holds any interest for you! My favorite tuna fish sandwich is across the street at The Casino because that’s where Elizabeth and Greg hold court for locals seeking a home away from home and a pool table. Elizabeth told me she is making aprons to sell, so stop in and ask her if she has them ready yet! It’s one of my favorite places to stop and rest a spell when I’m out delivering papers.


Freestone is a blessed little community, nestled into a broad valley on the way to the coast. Our coastal fog doesn't venture this far inland most of the time, it has Wild Flour Bakery and Osmosis Day Spa to lure guests from far and wide, and it's blissfully quiet. All of this is perfect for Barbara who now owns Boho Gallery down by the General Store. Her day job is working for Apple Computer so she can spend her off hours creating whimsical art and provide a gallery for her friends to display their work in Sonoma County.

Barbara makes sure she has very affordable items on display so visitors aren’t intimidated by high-priced art. She has the most delightful little water colors and hand painted tiles of her work as well as ceramics, etc. You can see her ad to the right and just for that alone - let alone the pleasure of a visit to this gallery, I’d love you to stop by and pay Barbara a visit on the weekends. She’ll be there working in the studio room just off the gallery. You can help make her dream come true and maybe a little of that will rub off on you while you are there.

Visitors in Freestone flock to Wild Flour Bakery and that has been especially good for Thea Doty of Enduring Comforts. I swear she’s be just fine without them because she has a collection of items in her store that has appeal to just about everyone. You should see the people trying on hats! The scarf collection is the best I’ve ever found. My Alan now has a habit of shopping here for gifts because he says Thea is unusually adept at providing a wide range of choices, from antiques to candles and everything in between. Her displays are artfully arranged throughout the store and even though it’s a small space your eye travels well from object to object without ever feeling overwhelmed by too many things. Her jewelry collection alone is enticing. If you’re lucky you’ll come when she has bowls of M & Ms throughout the store! Just a hint!

Michael Stusser’s Osmosis Day Spa is also home in Freestone and half way in between Enduring Comforts and BoHo Gallery. They have a wonderful gift shop with a wide selection of massage oils, lotions & cleansers, incense & jewelry and of course, those exquisitely soft cotton robes you wrap yourself in as you go thought treatment at that day spa. Have you ever been through the whole treatment? You come out completely altered! You may want to stop by here to get a gift certificate - for yourself! It starts with the cleansing tea and ends with needing a ride home! You are sooooo relaxed!


I have a love affair with Occidental and one of the reasons is Heidi who owns Hand Goods. Somewhere along the line she decided that supporting my paper and her business with advertising to my readers is a good idea. She’s a busy entrepreneur like so many, so she simply leaves the subject of her ads up to me. When I deliver papers to Occidental I take photos that work their way into her ads.

Perhaps Heidi’s hands-off approach comes easily to her because she has the work of so many artists in her store. She’s been dealing with creative individuals for more than thirty years and if there’s one thing we learn - they don’t like direction! So she treats me like one of her artists and that makes promoting her business easy for both of us! And from what I can tell, my readers respond so please - support Heidi’s support of artists and go get a ceramic mug, a wine stave bread plate, a bud vase for your wall, a hand-woven blanket or scarf, some jewelry - or even a book! She has more than you can imagine all under one roof.

Sherry Huss who owns renga arts, is another volunteer who puts a lot of time into her community. Every year she’s part of the team that hosts the Occidental Crafts Faire that raises money to support the work of the Occidental Community Council. This year the faire is on December 12th & 13th (please see the Holiday Events calendar, crafts fair section in this issue of the Gazette).

The mission of renga arts is recycling and they have a store full of examples of what you can do to re-use materials in the most creative ways! I bought my grand daughter an octopus made out of socks, Alan a shallow glass bowl for keys, etc. made out of a traffic light lens…it’s pretty amazing in there! Take a look. Sherry even wraps your gifts in recycled paper and it looks great!
There are two new businesses in town across the street…one is the Mad Hatter which specializes in children’s toys and tutus and all kinds of fun things for kids - and the other is a store filled with hand-made clothing, jewelry and pre-owned items and the name of it is on a card somewhere on my desk! When I find it - I’ll tell you!

I’m going to throw in a plug here for Benjamynn Gabriel who writes the Occidental column. He owns Sonoma Fine Wine. You’ll find him delightfully charming and incredibly knowledgeable about wine. The best thing to do is e-mail or call to make an appointment - 707.874.3300 - and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best selections of local pinot noirs, as well as cult Napa Cabs and French Bordeaux and Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

By Aleta Taylor

Since moving to Cloverdale several months ago, I often visit Healdsburg for entertainment and shopping. So I was enthusiastic when assigned the task of finding great local shops here. This is the perfect town to just park your car and walk the streets all day, there is so much to see and some great shops around the square. I have centered my focus along the south end of Healdsburg Ave, just enough off the beaten path that they may be a new discovery for many of you. These are stores where the people are just as enjoyable as the items they sell.

My first stop led me to one of the two pet shops in town, the Healdsburg Dog House. Natalee Tappin, the self-pronounced Alpha Bitch and owner of the Dog House, is a breath of fresh air with her constant smile and enthusiasm. What surprised me most about her store, aside from the array of high-qualityand unique products, were the affordable prices. Many of the items I found cost less than the major chain stores. Natalee also sponsors several events throughout the year; including the Canine Carnival in May, the Howl-o-ween Parade in October, and Santa Photos (for people and their pets) in December, all of which benefit the Healdsburg Animal Shelter and local dog parks. So bring your dog for some free doggy treats, check out the store and grooming station, and be confident that Natalee can help you with just about any question you have.

Just three doors down is a store that has only been in business for 3 years, yet Olive Leaf Eco Home & Garden is flourishing. You enter through Café Gratitude, which shares the building, offering all organic, raw, and local foods, including a great juice bar. It's the kind of food that just makes you feel good. They have fascinating items such as French antiques (including pottery from an ancient shipwreck), all-natural and clay wall paints, fair trade rugs imported from third world countries, recycled flooring, mineral makeup, and a beautiful assortment of bamboo dishware. This is not just a store that sells eco products, their merchandise teaches you how to be more eco-friendly in every aspect of your life. This is the kind of store you could spend many hours and dollars in, plus you can feel good knowing you are doing your part to help the environment and the global economy. This store is not only expansive, but beautiful, almost resembling an art gallery or boutique. The difference is that all of their products are eco-friendly.

A block South on Healdsburg Ave. is a small store that was recommended to me by Vesta. Sprout has been a new and used children’s clothing store for many years, but was bought and remodeled by Amanda Lucey and her former business partner two years ago. Although I have been in several stores like it before, this one is a little different.

Amanda, a mother of two, found the opportunity to buy the store and give it a fantastic makeover. She is meticulously picky about the quality of used clothes she buys, ensuring that not a single stain or tear be found. Her philosophy is fair prices for quality clothes, and believes in never selling something for more than she would be willing to pay. So bring in your child’s outgrown clothes for store credit, stock up on new and used winter apparel, and check out her website for upcoming sales at


My husband and I took advantage of this beautiful fall weather and went on a motorcycle ride to Windsor to explore the new Town Green. I was surprised at the variety and beauty of the stores there and want to encourage people to check out all the changes that have taken place. Many businesses have moved a few doors down or around the block, seizing the opportunity for new retail space.

One of those stores is Ubeadquitous, which moved practically next door to its old location a few months ago. This is another business I would recommend to crafters, or beginners looking to get creative with their gifts. Alyx and her adorable Pug Gwen are avid beaders who are more than happy to help and teach. She offers different classes every week, ranging from beginner to advanced, so check out the schedule on her website Not only does she sell a huge variety of beads and finding, but she also sells some of her own work, which is stunning and shows her true talent.

Across the street is a fairly new store Kaleidoscope Toys. Although they have only been in business for 15 months, Steve and Miquelle Hutchinson are making a name for themselves and have already opened a second store in Montgomery Village. The inspiration to open a toy store came from their frustration with having to drive to Healdsburg or Santa Rosa to buy toys and gifts, and after polling many of their friends, decided the idea could actually work. Four months later they were in business and had instant success. They are meticulous about the products they carry, so everything in the store inspires creativity and learning. After visiting Kaleidoscope with my daughter for the first time, it was clear to me that Wal Mart and Toys R Us are meager in comparison. Check this place out, meet the owners and their lively employees, and fall in love just like I did.

Around the corner on McClelland St is Something Special, and although we did mention them in last year’s tour, I couldn’t pass them by. Richard is a certified gemologist who makes and repairs jewelry right in the shop. Not only is this store beautiful, full of whimsical gifts that tantalize your imagination, but the owners Richard and Molly are truly wonderful people. And this year they are doing their part to give back to the community that has treated them so well. Stop in and purchase a ticket for their Winter Wine Walk on Dec. 10th 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The event includes tastings from 12 local wineries, food from several Windsor restaurants, and a gift raffle. Tickets are $25 per person and 100% of the proceeds goes to the Windsor Kiwanis Club and Windsor Service Alliance Holiday Toy & Food programs. Spend the evening shopping and enjoying good company paired with good wine, knowing you are supporting a good cause.

You can find more information on all of the stores in the Windsor Town Green and upcoming events at


This is the first year that we have focused on Cloverdale, since we have not previously distributed that far north. Although many people find it too out of the way, it's really a beautiful drive and well worth the trip. On your way up, swing through the quaint town of Geyserville, it could use some economic stimulation!

Cloverdale lost it's fame after being bypassed by Hwy 101, which has taken a toll on many local businesses. Several stores have had to close recently, and you'll notice the empty storefronts and "Closeout Sale" signs scattered throughout. But there are gems in this town, and some really wonderful people (including myself, since I live here!). So when you're in the mood to take a drive, head north and check out these businesses.

In my explorations of Cloverdale since moving here, my search for small shops led me to a rather large shop! Antiques & Uniques houses 3 additional businesses that are all owned and operated by women. Underground Coffee & Cafe is owned by Capri Miller and offers Thanksgiving coffee, soups, salads, sandwiches, and pastries. Cover to Cover Books is owned by Susie Hare has holds a wide selection of new and used books. Williams Jewelers is owned by Diana Williams, who creates her own beautiful pieces and will repair yours. This is one of those stores that has it all, a true one-stop shop.

Along with over 30 antique vendors, Antiques & Uniques offers a variety of new home and kitchen décor. Not only can you buy gifts for others, but they have beautiful holiday decorations as well. But if you like to change things up a bit, call the owner Sydney and set up a Secret Soiree. You and your friends can get together after hours and have your own private shopping party, just bring some snacks and Sydney will provide the champagne! And if you really need a better reason to visit Cloverdale, Antiques & Uniques will offer 10% off to anybody who mentions the Gazette!

Visit for more information and photos of all the stores in the Antiques & Uniques mall.

Around the corner on First St. is an art gallery worth mentioning, the First Street Gallery, part of the Cloverdale Arts Alliance program. It is a co-op gallery, operated by local artists, and has 6 changing shows a year. The Arts Alliance sponsors many events throughout the year to enrich the community and promote local arts such as movies, music, and sculptures. The gallery is open Wed-Sun 11-5 and is currently featuring 11 artists for their Holiday Festival Show. The artwork is stunning and supporting the gallery also means you are supporting art education in Cloverdale.

If you need a more creative gift idea, but don’t have the time and energy to come up with anything, just call Cheri at Gypsy MoonCat Gifts. She will come to your home and teach you and your friends how to make Soy candles. She provides all the supplies, has a huge selection of fragrances and colors, and you get to decide what kind of container you want your candle in. But if you just like her products and want to purchase pre-made candles, she will have a booth at the Cloverdale Crafts Fair on Dec 4th & 5th from 10-5 in the Citrus Fair’s Warner Hall.
Cheri chose Soy wax over Paraffin wax for several reasons: it burns longer and cleaner, contains no chemicals, cleans up with soap and water, and it supports American farmers. Cheri occupies her time by volunteering at local food banks and is in charge of the Citrus Fair Crafts Fair in February. Crafting is her passion and she does it more as a hobby than a career, which means reasonable prices and quality products. Give her a call at (707) 696-5298 to host your own candle party for the holidays. You can also email Cheri at

NOTE: I'm getting the Shopping Tour up Town by Town - the Web version will include material that didn't fit in the print edition - keep checking back.

Please support these businesses who support our mission with their Advertisements - Thank You!!

Abby Bard - Artist Group
Holiday on Florence
3434 Florence Ave., Sebastopol

Antiquarian & Florabunda
25195 Hwy 116, Duncans Mills

Art & Soul of Sebastopol
156 N.Main St., Sebastopol

Artisans Co-op Gallery
17135-A Bodega Hwy, Bodega

beekind Honey Store
921 Gravenstein Hwy So., Sebastopol

Boho Gallery
436 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone

California Luggage
609 Fourth St., Santa Rosa

Cottage Massage
6450 1st St, Forestville

Creekside Inn
16180 Neeley rd., Guerneville

Dawn Ranch Lodge
16467 Hwy 116, Guerneville

Dolce Mia
9133 Green Valley Rd., Graton

Enduring Comforts
142 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone

Farmhouse Inn & Spa
7871 River Rd., Forestville
707-887-3300 x#205

Good Life & Forestville Acupuncture
6544 Front St Forestville

Guerneville 5 & 10
16252 Main Street, Guerneville

Hand Goods
3627 Main St., Occidental

Heritage Salvage
1473 Petaluma Ave. So., Petaluma

Jenner Inn & Cottages
10400 Coast Route 1, Jenner

King’s Sport & Tackle
16258 Main St., Guerneville
(707) 869-2156

Launch Clothing
971 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol
(707) 829-3312‎

Legacy & Annex
781 Gravenstein Hwy., Sebastopol

Mr. Ryder Antiques
9040 Graton Road, Graton

Nightingale Breads
6665 Front St., Forestville

North Coast Native Nursery
2700 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma

Northwood Golf Course
19400 Hwy 116, Monte Rio

Osmosis Day Spa
209 Bohemian Hwy., Freestone

The Package Store
6490 Front Street, Forestville

People’s Music
122 N. Main Street, Sebastopol

Positively Fourth Street
628 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa
(707) 526-3588

Sophie’s Cellars
20293 Hwy 116, Monte Rio

Princess Rose Parties
309 S. Main St., Sebastopol

Renga Arts
3605 Main St, Occidental

Rose & Thorn
10050 Bodega Hwy, Sebastopol

Russian River Art Gallery
16200 First St, Guerneville

6553 Front St., Forestville

Sebastopol Gallery
150 North Main St, Sebastopol

Sebastopol Hardware
660 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol

Silk Moon
186 N. Main St., Sebastopol

Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
P.O. Box 2, Duncans Mills
(707) 869-9177 x4

Studio Nouveau
In the Courtyard, Duncans Mills

WaterTreks Eco Tours
By Jenner C Store on weekends, Jenner

Weavers & Dreamers
25171 Main Street, Duncans Mills

Witches Wood - Kate Price

Dressmaker - Yuenny Mears
17175 Bodega Hwy, Bodega

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