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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sonoma County Historic Water Package

Sonoma County Water Agency News UPDATE

Historic Water Package Includes North Coast Funding

Three Million Gallons Per Year Saved

Biological Opinion One year Milestones

Water Supply Report
As of 11/01/09

Historic Water Package Includes North Coast Funding
The Sonoma County Water Agency is pleased that the State Legislature passed and the Governor signed an $11 billion overhaul of the state's water system that includes the Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010.

Portions of the funding from the Act will be allocated for critical salmon and habitat restoration and recycled water projects, including $45 million for North Coast Integrated Regional Management Planning, $138 million for Bay Area IRWMP, $50 million for coastal salmon restoration projects to the California Coastal Conservancy, $50 million to the Coastal Conservancy for the Ocean Protection Act projects and $1 billon for statewide recycling. The Act will appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voter approval.

For more information about the water package and bond initiative, visit

Three Million Gallons Per Year Saved
More than 350 high-efficiency toilets have been installed in October through SCWA's Sanitation District High-Efficiency Fixture Direct-Install Program saving nearly 3 million gallons of water per year from being flushed down the drain and into county sanitation systems. Eligible homes and businesses in participating sanitation zones and districts receive free high-efficiency toilets and urinals with free, professional installation and recycling of the old fixtures, plus free low-flow showerheads and aerators through the program.

These new high-efficiency toilets use at least 63 percent less water than the original 3.5 gallon per flush low-flow toilets from the early 1980's and at least 20 percent less than the 1.6 gallon per flush ultra-low flow toilets from the 1990's.

All toilets installed through the program must be listed on SCWA's List of Qualifying Toilet Models. Currently, the toilets on the list must meet or exceed U.S. EPA WaterSense specifications for performance and water efficiency. Beginning January 1, 2010, SCWA will limit the list to only include toilets with a maximum of 1.1 gallons per flush in addition to meeting WaterSense specifications. Although the change from 1.28 to 1.1 gallons per flush may seem trivial, that fraction of a gallon adds up as SCWA's goal is to change out every toilet in sanitation district service areas.

In addition to the Direct-Install Program, SCWA also offers $150 high-efficiency toilet rebates for the do-it-yourselfers and $125 high-efficiency clothes washer rebates to select sanitation zones and districts. A new high-efficiency clothes washer uses 40 to 60 percent less water and energy per load than a standard, top-load clothes washer. Other rebates are available for businesses including a sustained reduction rebate for installing any fixture or technology that will permanently reduce the amount of water going down the drain.

Public Policy Facilitating Committee Update
The Public Policy Facilitating Committee (PPFC) met on October 29, 2009 to receive an update on implementation of the Biological Opinion, which was issued one year ago. The National Marine Fisheries Service, the California Department of Fish & Game, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer and SCWA discussed successes and problem areas on Year One milestones and provided a preview of what's ahead in Year Two of the implementation of the Biological Opinion. If you missed the meeting, please visit SCWA's Web site to view materials and presentations from staff. If you have any questions, please contact Ann DuBay at 707.524.8376.

Water Supply Report
As of 11/01/09

Lake Sonoma
Lake Sonoma's water supply pool is currently 78% full
Storage: 191,542 acre-feet (Water Supply Capacity: 245,000 acre-feet)
Rate of Release: 104 cubic-feet-per-second (cfs)
Required Dry Creek Flow Rate: 80 cfs

Lake Mendocino
Lake Mendocino's water supply pool is currently 50% full
Storage: 43,246 acre-feet (Water Supply Capacity: 89,000 acre feet)
Rate of Release: 153 cfs
Required Upper Russian River Flow Rate: 75cfs

Lake Pillsbury (PG&E Facility)
Lake Pillsbury's water supply pool is currently 42% full
Storage: 31,511 acre-feet (Maximum allowed: 78,901 acre-feet)
Rate of Release: 90 cfs
Cumulative inflow: 2,637 acre-feet

Lake Van Arsdale (PG&E Facility)
Potter Valley Diversion: 45 cfs
Eel River Release: 43 cfs

Hacienda Bridge
Rate of Flow: 215 cfs
Required Lower Russian River Flow Rate: 125 cfs

Public Meetings/ Notices

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