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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bohemian Grove Forest Management Protest

As many now know, the plan to log valuable stands of timber at the Bohemian Grove property in Monte Rio, California was signed off for approval by CALFIRE on December 29, 2009. This development, characterized by Judge Bill Newsom as a "thinly disquised plan..." to log "one of the last two great stands of old-growth" has disappointed more than a few, both Russian River residents and many of the environmentally conscious community.

So what's next? With such approvals, there's a thirty day window to file appeal via legal means. Who better to tell the story than John Hooper, organic farmer and past member of the Bohemian Club. John knows the Bohemian Club property and its trees far better than many, and as an owner of forestry stands himself, he has a strong sense of how forests can best be managed.

A wealth of information, including professional testimonials, forestry reports, and forestry management statistics relevant to the Bohemian Grove NTMP is available for review at

John has taken time to discuss the situation's latest developments in an interview with David Kenly and Harvey Mendelson, and that interview is now online as a podcast.

To listen to the interview, podcast player software is required. We recommend iTunes for either MAC or PC. It's free and downloadable from the Apple site at

Once iTunes (or a similar podcast player) is installed, subscribe to the ArrowFlight Green Parallel podcast to hear the interview with John Hooper. All you have to do is click on


or, in the event your computer doesn't accept this address, enter the following directly into the podcast subscription area of iTunes, usually found in the "Subscribe to Podcast" menu item in the "Advanced" menu.

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