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Thursday, June 3, 2010

BUZZ in Rio Nido

Community clean up began long ago but took on a particular shine this month when a band of civic-minded “Gorilla Gardeners” transformed the Rio Nido entrance fountain into a welcoming garden area. It is evident Rio Nido residents are putting pride back into their common space. With the fence taken down around the Rio Nido Lodge and the pool receiving a new lawn, the entrance of Rio Nido is really shaping up.

The dog park continues to gather more and more friends as they meet together daily. As a matter of fact on a warm spring day there was a doggie birthday party celebrating another year (or is it seven?). We saw a cake, party favors and even a tiara. It was as cute as you can imagine and then some. The dog park’s popularity has grown so big that requests have come in for a second dog park on the other side of Guerneville at the park next to Old Monte Rio Rd.

The Russian River Park and Recreation District meets on the third Wednesday of the month at the Russian River Senior Center on Armstrong Woods Road in Guerneville. The Next meeting will be June 16th at 7 PM and the second dog park is on the agenda for discussion. Please feel free to attend and show your support.

Pegasus Theater Company started its first production in the newly remodeled Rio Nido Lodge. Lois Pearlman’s creation “Tapas” is a new short play festival. Also planned for Pegasus and a favorite for many is “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “The Lion In Winter”. Please check out their website for show times and updates

Rio Nido Roadhouse hosted a banana slug cook-off and if I’m not mistaken, the event was shot on video for a Japanese reality television show. Not into banana slugs? Then a more traditional and yet very special treat is the Buffalo chicken sandwich with wing sauce, grilled onions & blue cheese. Be sure to also bring home a package or two of Mama Tina’s hand crafted raviolis. Delicious little pasta pillows packed with tasty fillings like her lobster and cheese raviolis. The Roadhouse is open every day and is also a terrific gathering place for special events like birthday parties or group meetings. The Russian River Photo Club meets there every month (roughly the third Tuesday) and welcomes any guests interested in the art of photography.

The Rio Nido Homeowners Association will kick off the summer season with its annual Memorial Weekend Bar-B-Que. Scheduled for their 35th year is “Showcase The Band” playing many of our favorite tunes to dance and sing along with. They feature everything from rock ‘n roll to the hokey pokey and don’t forget to fluff up your feathers for the Chicken Dance. The kids have been practicing for the talent show and next month’s article will reveal the winners. Rio Nido’s Got Talent!!

Summer will be packed with lots of fun filled family events in Rio Nido. A favorite for kids of all ages is the S’mores and Outdoor Movie Night at the Bar-B-Que grounds next to Rio Nido Pee Wee Golf. Roasting marshmallows over an open pit and placing them on graham crackers with a piece of chocolate is great fun for kids and will likely rekindle many a happy memory for parents too. Also, tee times are readily available at the Rio Nido Pee Wee Golf Course, which will be open for public play beginning Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Remember the sound of ding ding ping clang thump thud TILT TILT!?! Ah the good old-fashioned pinball machine? The machines may be gone now but the snacks are still a winner. Make sure you stop by the Snack Shack. Susie will man the Pee Wee Golf Snack Shack this summer on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

Be sure to check out for dates and times for all upcoming events.

“See ya where the moon and the redwoods meet”