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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacation Sonoma County

We live in what Monte Rio has blazoned across their road to town …“Vacation Wonderland.” People come from all over the planet to play in our back yard.

You know what it feels like to be exploring some place foreign to your daily life. There’s a thrill of discovering something new and different. We have that right here and sometimes just need to look at it that way - with the eyes of a tourist! Our authors are here to inspire the pleasure of taking new roads, and discovering things to do you’ve never tried before.

When’s the last time you rode a bicycle on a quiet country road? When’s the last time you paddled a canoe down a river. When’s the last time you hiked a trail through the forest and up into the hills? When’s the last time you packed a picnic lunch and pulled out a blanket, lay it on a sand dune, and fell asleep in the sun, listening to the softness of waves lapping the shore.

We need to do more of these things! It’s good for us! Let’s get out there and explore this stunning place we call home. There’s so much to do here. Ask any tourist!

Please go to CURRENT EDITION to download PDFs of pages 28 through 35 for Part ONE of Vacation at Home - thank you.

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