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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WalMart Expansion Appeal in Rohnert Park

Wal-Mart Super Center 
Appeals Rohnert Park Rejection
Hearing set for July 29th

People are gathering at the Rohnert Park City Council hearing on Thursday, July 29th (6 pm at City Hall, 130 Avram Ave., Rohnert Park,) to protest Wal-Mart's appeal of the council's previous rejection to build a Super Center in their community.

This expansion of their existing retail store will bring food products to customers. The City Council rejected the expansion on the grounds that it does not fit into their current General Plan. Others reject it because Wal-Mart does not support living wage standards, and this expansion has the potential to harm locally owned grocery businesses.

If you feel yo need to know more background information in order to form an opinion on this...please visit:

to send your OPINION to Rohnert Park City Council members:

Rohnert Park City Council
c/o City Hall
130 Avram Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Fax: [707] 588-2263
or Email care of Beth Lidster at

City Council Contact Information:
Gina Belforte, Vice Mayor
Phone: (707) 588-2226
Fax: (707) 792-1876

Pam Stafford, Mayor
Fax (office): (707) 792-1876

Amie Breeze,
Telephone: (707) 217-3795

Joe Callinan
Phone (office): (707) 588-2226
Fax: (707) 792-1876

Jake Mackenzie
Phone (home office): (707) 584-1195
Fax (office): (707) 792-1876