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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Graton Community Column - December 2010

December’s VIP Visit
You may have noted that World Famous Notables have noticed Graton and are making their appearances here these days. Last month it was former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and this month it’s North Pole Magnate Santa Claus. Saturday, December 12th, Santa is coming to hang out at the Graton Community Club at the corner of Graton and Edison Roads.

From 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., Santa will be at the club house to hear Holiday wishes with Ms. Claus, Sparkle, Snap (the photo elf), Sizzles and others, maybe even Rudolf the Reindeer. Of course, there is no charge to visit Santa and to have your photo taken with the whole North Pole Set.

In addition, club members will serve cookies and cider to all Santa’s visitors, including dogs who may come if they are on a leash. (We don’t want them scaring Rudolf.) To add to the festivities, visitors are asked to bring an unwrapped gift for the TOYS FOR KIDS, sponsored by the Graton Fire District, who help Santa to make sure that all the good children in the area have a merry Holiday.

A New Local Business?
Plans are circling to create Spiral Foods, a cooperative local foods market located somewhere in or near Graton. The Co-op will connect farmers, ranchers, and food artisans to provide local consumers the best selection possible of local produce, bulk items, and meats. The Spiral Food organizers want to include a café for people to meet farmers, share family style meals prepared by local chefs, hear lectures or live music, participate in gatherings or discussions, rent space for meetings, or simply “hang out.” For more information, go to

Extended Brick Sponsorship Contest!
The Graton Green Group is extending until February the brick sponsorship contest to give school children in the area an opportunity to participate in building a park in Graton and to compete for prizes. Parents, you can look for information coming to your students soon.

Sponsorship of bricks to be used to pave park pathways is a way to raise funds to create our park at the current Graton Fire District headquarters (GFD) at the corner of Graton and Ross Roads. The GFD will be moving into their new quarters on Highway 116 in the spring, and local residents are hoping to turn the old headquarters site into a much needed park for community gatherings.

Something’s Coming...
Keep an eye out for a new development at the northwest corner of Graton and Ross roads. Hint: It’s a sign about the new park!

Book Sale!
Oak Grove Union School District is holding a 3- day Scholastic Book sale. For mor information, please call Teresa Emory at 542-3322. Or, check out the new district web site:

The Siren Calls
As a member of the Graton Fire District Citizens Advisory Committee charged with finding technological alternatives to the use of the siren, I’m working on a suggestion to replace the sound the siren makes. Currently the siren indicates that bombs will be dropping on Graton in the next few minutes, which is a bit of overkill. After all, the siren is needed to alert the GFD volunteers when their pagers fail, not to advise the citizenry to find the closest underground shelter.

The best suggestion so far is for the siren to send out a rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus over the hills and dales of West County. However, there is a concern that we need a sound that is more nondenominational or perhaps more indigenous to the area, such as a Miwok chant. My son, Trusten suggested farm animal sounds on a rotating basis. Just rest assured, citizenry, the best minds are at work on this.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! And, Happy New Year!