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Monday, June 27, 2011

Geyserville Grapevine - July 2011

What’s Stirring in the Chamber Pot
I had heard of the Pacific Coast Air Museum but never attended the annual Chamberee that was held there this year on June 16th.  It is right behind the Charles Shultz Santa Rosa  Airport. Admission is just $5 with kids under 12 free.

This is where about a dozen chambers from Sonoma County converge to put out information on their respective towns along with free wine and an amazing display of food at each booth. The Geyserville table was the biggest despite it being such a small town. We explained when questioned that there is a lot going on in our town these days. We, at Mummy’s Kitchen brought Egyptian style stuffed grape leaves that were happily consumed by those from adjoining towns, along with delicious skewed chicken brought by Catelli’s Restaurant. It was quite a sight as the assorted chambers were spread out amidst the historic aircraft that were breathtaking to behold. They will be having a huge aircraft show Aug. 20 & 21 called Wings over Wine check their web site and plan to attend. 

Two dining places celebrate one year in business
CATELLI’S RESTAURANT opened a year ago, and if the name sounds familiar it is. The Catellli family started the restaurant in 1936 and it was still here when I arrived in Geyserville in the  late ’70s and beyond.  It was one of the typical Italian style restaurants that offered amazingly voluminous meals that everyone loved. Then it disappeared for a while, and Santi, a very different style  restaurant took over.  Santi has now moved on and Catelli’s is back in a new way. It still has retained some of the old recipes from the past. They have a wonderful bar and lots of tasty items on the menu. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from the afternoon till as late as 9:30 on Friday and Saturday. It is run by the third generation of Catellis, Nicolas Catelli, and his sister Dominica. She has been seen on CBC News and Oprah and Friends. Her book, “Mom-a-licious,” is about fast family food that helps kids be less fussy. She has cooked for famous people like Oprah, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, and Nelson Mandela. The restaurant is large, and they even have a lovely outdoor dining area during the summer so you can book big parties, corporate meetings and even weddings. You can find their menu on the web.

MUMMY’S KITCHEN also opened on July 1 with Yaa, an amazing Thai cook. It offers Egyptian Asian Fusion Food but only on the weekends for dinner and Sunday for Lunch.  Dining takes place on an exotic pavilion on the grounds of the Isis Oasis Sanctuary and Retreat Center. If you are seeking a magical experience with some genuinely healthy fare, then be adventurous and drive in where you see an obelisk and a large mummy announcing “food to die for”.  Park opposite a small Egyptian Temple and enter a world different from any dining place you can imagine. Offered are 3 course dinners for just $20 and lots of small plates for just $5. No bar,  but refreshing herbal ice teas. Often there are events after dinner like movies, plays or concerts in the theatre at Isis Oasis.

Sometimes Mummy’s is closed entirely for private parties so call first…707-857-ISIS.

Tours of grounds  2 p.m. on Sunday with Sacred Sunday Service  at 3 p.m.

Geyserville celebrates the Arts
Some major sculptures are decorating assorted spots on Geyserville Ave. You can find a complete description of them on the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce web site. I took some guests of mine on a tour of the town to find them and it was a like a living museum experience scattered about in odd unexpected places. July 31st from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can enjoy a whole day of juried art complete with Artisan Wines, handcrafted beer and gourmet food trucks. Wear a creative hat and become eligible for a prize! Events relating to art will be everywhere in town on that day. If you love art you will want to visit Geyserville for this extraordinary event.
See you there!