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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Geyserville Grapevine - June 2011


Festivities to celebrate the oldest historic store in Geyserville will be Saturday, July 16th featuring a B-B-Q and a live band.  Come with boots and cowboy hats, which are things the store is noted for. There is also a smattering of wonderful gifts for the whole family along with everything else a hardware store is stocked for.

Harry and his family are fixtures in Geyserville with a lineage going back to 1857. His Great Grandfather had property in Geyserville. He owned the land that is now the Olive Hill Cemetery on Canyon Road off Geyserville Ave. If you love old cemeteries, this is one to visit. It started in 1900 and the names of those inhabiting it are a melting pot. On the interesting markers you will find names as ordinary as Smith to the exotic sounding Kavalarskaya who displays a Russian orthodox marker. You’ll find lots of Italian names of course because of the wineries in this region. I liked the plot with a bed of river stones that covered the place where a woman named Stone was buried. You will even find a host of tiny houses as markers for deceased children.  Cemeteries are so filled with history and an aura of mystery.

Harry told me about his grandfather, George Bosworth, who worked in a furniture store, then did gold prospecting with no success, worked on building a railroad, was ranch hand in a number of places before finally resettling in Geyserville. Here he married and founded the Cemetery. His Dad and Grandfather opened Bosworth and Son, a feed and dry goods store. They lived down the street in the house now known as the Hope Bosworth House, a fancy bed and breakfast. Harry grew up in Geyserville and after being in the service, where he was a radar repair man for guided missiles, came back to town and opened a shop selling TV’s and hardware and did plumbing and electricity for the residents of the town. His dad Obid had the store right across from him when I came to town in 1978, right next to Joe the blacksmith. Things have changed a great deal in Geyserville since then, but the Bosworth Hardware store just keeps on going. Harry has the diversity gene of his Grandfather and not only runs the store and the cemetery which he inherited, he is also the water commissioner, taking over that position when the previous commissioner knew he would soon die from brain cancer. Someone had to take over and Harry stepped up to the plate.  He claims Geyserville water is the best in Sonoma County and that all the folks in town enjoy a long and healthy life because of it. He and his wife are very active in the chamber of commerce and have raised two lovely daughters. Now, he too is a Grandfather, and may Bosworth & Son Hardware Store forever remain in Geyserville!

On May 14, there was an open house at the Geyserville Firehouse where the most amazing new rescue Engine was on display. It was a shiny giant of a vehicle, with places for everything. In the same room where we were invited to view this lifesaving vehicle was an ancient two-wheeled fire-wagon complete with water tank that was what was once used 100 years ago. It certainly highlighted the enormous changes that have occurred from that time to this. We are very honored to have such an extraordinary modern firehouse in our small town.


Plan to attend a fascinating concert of East Indian Music with our local musician and sitar player, Peter Van Gelder, one of the first disciples of India’s Ali Akbar Khan. Along with him will be Gangadhar, on Tabla, and Teed Rockwell, the only person ever to play Indian music on the touch-style veena, a guitar like instrument.

Come Saturday evening 8P.M., June 25th. Tickets- $10pre-sale, $15 at the door at the historic redwood Isis Oasis Theatre.  Come at 6 P.M. to experience an East Indian Feast on the Isis Pavilion. By reservation only, $30 for concert and dinner.  Call: 707-857-4747

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