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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hands Across the Sand - Sonoma County

It's time to gather on the beach, hold hands and let the world know that we will not tolerate offshore drilling our oceans. We have a planet to protect. It's far more important the petroleum products that destroy our planet slowly with their continued use. There ARE alternatives.

June 25th Doran Beach in Bodega Bay - 11 am

Event closes with volunteer beach clean-up - bring appropriate attire and supplies (bags, gloves, etc.)
Hello wonderful folks who have agreed to lend a helping hand and contribute to the success of 'Hands Across the Sand" on June 25th at Doran Park 11-1. The speakers will begin at 11:00 in front of the whale sculpture and be encouraged to wrap up by 11:40-45 ish so that we can start working on the line formation.

I have heard this is challenging so we will be there to help move folks into formation and encourage the most able to walk the farthest first. We want to keep everyone in line for at least 15 minutes so that there is ample time to take photos and most importantly to count the numbers of participants. Any and all suggestions on the best method for doing this is appreciated.

I will be at Doran that morning at 9:00 and anyone interested in helping with set up of sound system (thank you Gregory Fearon), banners (thank you Mike), cones for parking, wind socks (thank you Alana) beach clean-up supplies, information table, water dispenser....should arrive before 10:00. I have made t-shirts (the coolest caution yellow available) with the word VOLUNTEER and the "Hands Across the Sand" logo for all volunteers to wear so that you are easily identifiable to offer help. (There is an XXL for Don). These are yours to keep.

The Board of Supervisors is declaring June 25th as "Hands Across the Sand" day in Sonoma County so we may have a healthy turn-out.

I would appreciate if some of you could make a few signs for the event. If you go to the "Hands Across the Sand" website

you can scroll down under the organize a beach tab and download some of the event posters or just write "NO OIL" in big letters. These can be pasted to posterboard and attached to wooden stakes.

Please email and let me know if this is something you can do prior to the event.

It is also a good idea to review the website before the event so that you have some great speaking points when participants ask you questions. I am creating a informational flyer for the day of the event to distribute with key points on offshore drilling and will forward each of you a copy prior to the 25th.

The event closes with a beach clean-up and the "bag monster " will be there to discuss plastic pollution in our oceans. We will have reusable shopping bags with the surfrider logo as swag for beach clean-up helpers.

There will be parking fee waivers for folks who carpool with 4+ participants and some free white "Hands Across the Sand" t-shirts as well (limited supply).

Should be a great day and thank you for your willingness to help

Please email me with any suggestions or comments.

I have also attached a poster-please feel free to print and post in your community.

wishing you waves
Cea Higgins
Volunteer Coordinator
Sonoma Coast Chapter of Surfrider

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