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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rockin' Rio Nido - July 2011

Summertime has arrived - really?
Rio Nido is bustling with activity. Too much activity to mention in this one column. The rains have finally subsided and the sun is out and shining bright.  The Rio Nido Homeowner’s Association has outdone themselves this summer with the long anticipated Memorial Day BBQ with over 700 guests in attendance and the 4th of July BBQ.  Mark your calendars for the RNHOA’s Pancake Breakfast on July 17th, the golf tournament on August 6th, the Pancake Breakfast/Art Festival on August 7th and the Labor Day BBQ on September 4th.
Always good, clean family fun. Rio Nido is the perfect place to hang out all summer long. Well, savor every moment of this years summer as winter seems eternally long.

Closet Ball 2011 - “You’ve Got The Love” for Charity Event
The 2011 Closet Ball presented by the River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was held at the RNR on June 4th. The stage was transformed into an unforgettable work of art. Despite the pounding rain this event was a huge success. The festivities began with an impromptu drag show where contestants arrive, are interviewed as themselves then taken backstage to be transformed into their alter egos (favorite drag queens, etc.). The contestants had “Attitude”.
A big thanks for Sister Savior Applause for organizing this event!

Save the TATA’s Benefit Charity Event
The 3rd annual Save the Tata’s event took place at the RNR on 6/25 to benefit the American Cancer Society. A bevy of classic cars took over the parking lot along with over 150 motorcycles. This event began at Twin Oaks in Penngrove with other stops such as the Casino Bar in Bodega Bay and ending at the RNR.  The music was performed by Black Zepellin. A tremendously successful turnout with people of all ages in attendance enjoying themselves, basking in the hot sun and dining al fresco.

Rio Nido Farm & Trade Market
The Farm and Trade Market was the first event to manifest from a partnership between the Handy Harvest Club CSA and the RNHOA. The trade market’s first appearance was at the RNHOA’s May 29th BBQ and second event held on July 2nd. The concept is that if you are growing your own food there is the likelihood that you will grow more than your family can consume. The Harvest Club can assist you with your farming/gardening needs. Meet others in your community and provide for a forum to make your own trades. The idea is to get out of the traditional money system and create networks of sustainable food security locally. In addition to home grown products, coffee body scrubs, lip balms, bath bombs and soaking salts were displayed. A big thanks to Erin Handy, Beverly Bird, Chef Patrick’s and all others who participated.
For more info contact Erin Handy at

Pet of the Month
Jenner moved to lovely Rio Nido from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco in June of 2010. He resides with his two dads Matt and J on Bay Avenue. Likes: hanging out and sleeping with his best pal Dale the cat, running on the beach near Jenner, walking in Armstrong Woods, sunning himself, eating home cooked meals and watching Giants baseball games with his two dads. Dislikes: Cold and rainy days, noisy and grumpy dogs and mosquitos.

Rest in Peace
Sadly, long-time resident Delia Mary Zink passed on June 10, 2011. She was born December 25, 1926. She will be greatly missed.