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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Geyserville Grapevine - September 2011

Williamson Wine comes to Town

I was on my way to see Rustine, the dog groomer on Geyserville Ave. when I passed the shop that used to be Terroirs beautiful wine tasting room. There was a sign on the window that heralded a new owner , and so I dropped in to find out what was going on. 

Upon questioning the man behind the counter I discovered that Daisy and Kerry Damsky have now turned the wine tasting room over to the Williamson Winery because they are going to travel the world planting grapes in such exotic places as India and Costa Rica. The friendly man behind the counter asked if I would like a tasting and so I lingered a while to enjoy the most           comprehensive wine tasting experience I have ever had. Each delicious wine was explained to me and each was accompanied by a tasty edible that was seasoned with just the right herbs or spices that complimented each wine. I immediately began to see how carefully utilizing the right wine would enhance certain dishes and just how important it is to know your wines.

I determined that since I live in the wine country, I ought to be more up on this phenomena of the taste buds. Steve, the man behind the counter is there Friday through Tuesday from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. and is extremely knowledgeable. Best of all the tastings are free!

Going to the Dogs

A few doors down I sought to visit Rustine Quigley, who owns Hairdos for Hounds. A women was just leaving her shop with a white fluffy dog in tow, looking absolutely stunning in his newly quaffed and cleaned furry body.  There inside Rustine greeted me, and between dogs coming and going we chatted. I discovered she has been a dog groomer for 40 years, sometimes helping other groomers, but she prefers her own shop. One day she found the town of Geyserville and discovered how friendly and relaxed the people here are.

She had previously worked in Los Angeles in a shop in Beverly Hills where she met and worked on the pooches of many famous people. She mentioned Barbara Streisand’s Bichon and Elvis Presley’s Doberman. She has been in Geyserville for almost 5 years and loves the town, the dogs, and the people she meets.

Rustine’s dog, which is a cattle dog she found in a shelter,  comes to work with her everyday and it is noted that she decorates the forehead of her companion  with some red dye in a design that is used in India for their holy animals. Most people in Geyserville do not know that Rustine is a belly dancer in the tribal tradition and has taught in the past at Isis Oasis. She is anxious to do more teaching and we spoke of her starting again in September on Tuesday evening from 7 till 8 P.M. Anyone interested should call me at 707-857-4747. She would only charge $10 a lesson and would like folks to sign up for a month in advance.

Isadora Duncan comes to Town

On September 10TH the Isis Society for Inspirational Studies is offering a performance by Lois Flood in the style of Isadora Duncan, 8 P.M. at the Isis Oasis Theatre, 20889 Geyserville Ave. $10 at the door or make a reservation for dinner/theatre at Mummy’s Kitchen prior to the show, 707-857-4747 to reserve.

Isadora Duncan (1878-1927) was a revolutionary, pioneer, and legend. Born in San Francisco, Duncan was hailed as a liberating force and leader in the fight for women’s emancipation. Isadora Duncan was the most famous dancer of her time, the early 20th century. She mesmerized her audiences by using natural free movement and became an icon of the art of dance.

Lois Flood is an amazing dancer and is the leading authority of the Isadora Duncan Dance technique. She has performed widely in the bay area.

Geyserville has a Movie Theater

Every Wednesday during the month of September Isis Oasis invites the public to the theatre to view a Spiritual Cinema Film at 8 P. M. and it is free