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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Gallery V in Valley Ford Debuts August 20

Introducing a New Art Venue
Gallery V: Contemporary Art
Announcing a new rural art venue just off Highway 1 on the Sonoma/Marin coast, Gallery V celebrates contemporary visual, ceramic, literary and movement art. Its debut group exhibit, “CONFLUX” a flowing together, or into each other, as rivers or their tributaries; a confluence Featuring the work of emerging and established artists: Chiyomi Longo, Shane Weare, Sally Weare, Hiliary Williams, Sieglinde Van Damme, Sebastian Moh, Colin Lambert, Martha Grover, Shannon Sullivan, Cathy Richardson, and Pamela Holmes...

Show runs Aug. 20-Sept. 30, 2011
Saturday, Aug. 20, 5:30pm-9:30pm

Opening reception features:
Solo cellist Sebastion Plano will provide background music. Poetry-music duet, Terry Ehret and Cailtin Moe will perform during an interlude, at 8pm.

Terry Ehret has published three collections of poetry. Literary awards include the National Poetry Series, California Book Award, and the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. From 2004-2006 she served as poet laureate of Sonoma County. Her newest collection, Night Sky Journey, will be released this fall by Kelly Cove Press. Caitlin Moe is a graduate of Mills College with degrees in vocal music and biology. She and her husband Tim Sullivan compose music and perform locally.

The works in “Conflux” present a range of styles, subject, media, and with half the artists being originally from outside the U.S., a range of voice stemming from diverse cultural experience. On view are cast bronze figures, ceramic tea bowls, sculptural porcelain dinnerware, collage paintings, etchings, screen prints, intricately detailed narrative drawings, alternative process photographs, video with stills bracketed with provocative text, and mixed media prints that defy categorization.

On view are motion bound bronze figures, elegant ceramic tea bowls, surreal biomorphic ceramic / mixed media and porcelain vessels, abstract collage-paintings, playfully composed screen-prints, intricately etched mindscapes, narrative mixed-media prints, video with “stills” employing provocative text, and multi-layered print abstractions.

The works in “Conflux” create trailheads into philosophical, psychological, cultural and literary inquiry. If we sense a common thread, it may be in the recognition of a collective mind that enacts a mostly hidden narrative beneath the surface of objects, places, time and events, emerging as abstracted artifacts of dream, memory, brokenness, continuance, innocence, playfulness—however the viewer imagines these works, they’ve been brought forth into the light for us to ponder.

Located in Valley Ford, a tiny northern California coastal town, Gallery V is a fine art gallery just off the main highway 45 minutes north of San Francisco. It features some of the best painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramicists, new media artists, and crafts- persons on the West Coast, and beyond. It alternates group shows with shows dedicated to specific artists.

Primarily focused on contemporary, conceptual/new media and ceramic art, the gallery cultivates a thread of internationalism due to the potential the Internet and social media have brought to bear upon art markets.

Gallery V spearheads what is becoming an increasingly strong trend in the art market, both nationally and internationally, by featuring the work of artists, from emerging to mature, who have developed outside the mainstream and who have held onto their outsider status in order to develop their own unique personal vision. Gallery V recognizes the place these artists have in the scheme of things and advocates for them.

In addition to the actual gallery space, Gallery V makes use of the virtual marketplace, through its website, social media, and through developed third party virtual sites, with a view to sharing this work with the international art world online. Gallery V has a special interest in ceramic art, and intends to contribute to its evolving status as a fine art medium; and more broadly, to breaking down distinctions of art versus craft.

The gallery welcomes blended approaches—the crossing of traditional boundaries in style, media, and discipline. We encourage conceptual works, in which materials serve an idea and interdisciplinary projects, such as those blending art with science.

Valuing education and seeking to promote not only visual but literary, ceramic and movement arts in our community, we host workshops and events, teach classes, and support regional visual, literary, ceramic, and movement educational efforts.

To learn more about Gallery V, for artist bios or interview requests, contact Centa Theresa
707.876.3525 (gallery)

Gallery V
14875 Valley Ford Estero Road, Valley Ford
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Friday, 10am-6pm; Saturday-Sunday, noon-5pm; by appointment.