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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Petaluma Rumas - October 2011

Rummage – verb – search unsystematically and untidily through a mass or receptacle; rumor – noun – a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth. I just wanted to clear something up here in case any of you considered the root of Petaluma Rumas was either of these words. The word-mangler here has decided that a “ruma” is neither of the above but possibly has been arrived at in an unsystematic fashion, although it is in fact verifiable, as is the author at times! October, of course, was supposed to be the eighth month of the year but those two Romans Julius and Augustus Caesar got plunked in there as July and August and that was the end of any sense for the last four in our dang calendar!

Here’s to all the Petaluminaries! This month I am going to take the time to toot the horn of the fabulous residents, organizations, programs and event specialists that put on so many events and work so tirelessly and volunteer so selflessly to make Petaluma one truly unique town. The structural underpinnings of this town rock, but all these places do not run without money or volunteers, and it is the volunteers I reach out to at this point!

There are so many volunteers in so many facets of Petaluma life, it boggles me how cool this town is and how well the so many who have-not are taken care of! Clementine Eco Events, which among other things put on the Rivertown Revival, could not produce such a wonderful and successful event without the volunteer corps!

VOLUNTEERS, THIS LAGUNITAS IS FOR YOU! Not to mention that Lagunitas donates beer to over 350 events every year! In a city of 57,000 there are an amazing number of events that benefit something and somebody in this town, and there is a constant feeling of neighborhood. There is a huge bank of social capitol that pleases and amazes me every time I turn around!

This town also has a rich mix of professionals and more often than not, they are happy to help you out, networking and sagely consultation come at the market, the gas pump, the riverfront, the bar, the sidewalk or the restaurant! Our Hidden Gem, The Petaluma Wildlife Museum, an amazing collection of taxidermied animals on display (Hugh Coddings complete collection + much more) along with 50 live critters hanging out.

The Museum is housed in the old bus garage on the campus of Petaluma High at 201 Fair St. 707 778-4787. They are only open Saturdays from 11 to 3 but you can also book it for birthday parties. Admission is $5 and is totally worth it. Kids under 5 are free and it is definitely an easy 2 hours of entertainment in a very nicely done presentation. Petaluma High School Rocks! Did you know that they still have a wood shop, metal shop, auto shop, drafting school, music school, and biology and museum management at the wildlife museum.

Learning Fair
The event I am most excited about this month is the Word Up, A Community Learning Fair . . . The festival of finding out. This free, all-day event will be taking place from 11-6 on Sunday, October 30th at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma. Word Up! is a celebration of lifelong learning, where attendees will have opportunities to learn new skills, meet experts, and leave with resources on a variety of subjects.

There is so much cool stuff going on I will never be at my Lounge! Kelin sent me a 3,000 word document as a brief outline!  Ann Lamott will speak, Music all day closing with Samba Da. There are 5 learning lounges Health Up Petaluma Bounty, Garden Smarts and Harvest Crafts. Body Works-Integrative Yoga and Stress Management Petaluma Health Center, Jewish Community Free Clinic, Regenerative Design Institute, medicine making, basketry, cordage, fire making . . . Weaving Earth! Bite Club, cooking demo etc Post Wellness Center Green Up, Green Mary, reduce your waste, Heritage Salvage, Cajons (box shaped wooden drums) Bird Houses, Grey Water Plumbing, Eat Grass Roots, Cultivating Kitchen Activism, Sonoma County Bike Coalition Village Up Mentor Me Petaluma, Boys and girls Club, (Racing Zuchini Cars!?) Chabot Observatory “To Go” (check it out!) AQUS Community, Bank on Social Capitol! Share Exchange, Drums for Solar Skill Up Outwest Garage and David DiFalco Bike Repair, Petaluma Adult Education, Talk is Sheep, demystifying Social Media, Financial Literacy w/Community First Credit Union, Occidental Arts and Ecology, Petaluma Patch. Mix It Up Paleotechnics: Skills about early living. Petaluma Arts Center (mask making) Art Start, How to be a DJ and School of Rock and Petals and Bones (writing workshops) TOO MUCH TO LIST! GO to website at