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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forever Forestville - October 2011

Fall was ushered in on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as the town came together at the Forestville Town Social and Business Expo. Great folksy tunes rode the winds as many of you meandered through the booths that featured a great variety of products and services.

 Shear Pleasure and Shear Glory salons demonstrated their talents and described their vast array of beauty related offerings.  Erik Paul of Lodestone Graphics raffled off a 50% discount on a custom business sign or graphic services and Chuck and Pat Stone of Express Printing in Rohnert Park displayed their high quality products.

Healthy Habits, Garden Sanctuaries, Forestville Design Landscaping, and Pacific Landscapes all drummed up business contacts and made new friends. There was a beautiful table of pottery by Heide Keeble, and Judy Evans and Associates showcased Ironwood Carvings by their late friend H.C. Smith of Oregon, which I thought was a wonderful tribute that highlights the type of love and loyalty we cherish here in Forestville.

Every year I try to purchase a little something from a vendor, and this year I chose two wonderful organic lip balms from Elk Feather Herbs. Though my time at the event was cut short by a horrible allergy attack compliments of the dry breeze, it seemed as if a lot of people were enjoying the beautiful fall day and I hope the Chamber of Commerce will continue to make this wonderful annual event happen for our community!

Also featured at the Expo was the Forestville Youth Park Sidewalk Sale. The FYP is having a fundraiser selling personalized sidewalk bricks/pavers. They are 12 X 12 with 3 lines and 16 spaces on each line.  The tax-deductible donation for each paver is $125.00.  Sixty pavers have already been installed on the sidewalk in front of the new playground and they look fantastic. The project requires 220 pavers to be purchased, so don’t delay! You can order a paver order form by going to or call the coordinators, Margaret Kotta at
887-7346 or Karen Shaver at 887-9191.

School News
The school year is up and running and our students are busy with academics and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

As many of you may have read, both schools received disappointing news that they have been identified as a Year 1 Program Improvement (PI) school under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001. NCLB requires the state and district to review annually the academic progress of federally funded Title I schools and to identify schools in need of improvement.

These schools are identified as PI schools after two consecutive years of not making adequate yearly progress (AYP). Though both schools met and exceeded many of the requirements set forth by NCLB, they both did not meet the requirements for certain subgroups. And though this news is disheartening and can cause concern among parents, both schools are working hard to identify and remediate the problem areas and are confident in the quality of education that is being provided to the students of our community. Standardized testing is only one facet of the educational picture and sadly, in my opinion, the only one that seems to get spotlighted.

On a happy note, the Forestville Education Foundation has received an “Artist in the Schools “ Grant from the California Arts Council for the 2011-2012 school year.  FEF will support the K-3rd visual arts project at Forestville School that provides hands-on art experience based on California Visual Arts standards with artist Deborah Padrick.  Students are exposed to art history, cultural arts and art vocabulary while using various art mediums.

The El Molino Leadership class has been working to revamp their program to better serve the school community. They began restructuring the traditional student officer government system to include different committees that will work with various campus subgroups such as community service/campus action, student activities/athletics, fundraising, and other areas to better enhance the programs and allow for more widespread opportunities for student involvement.

And don’t miss an opportunity to support the El Molino Music Department at a car wash at Carr’s Drive-in on October 8th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Stay in touch, stay positive, and let me know what you’d like to see here in Forever Forestville.