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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Geyserville Grapevine - October 2011

Evening at The Salon
Studio 128 had an open house on Sept. 7th during the Chamber’s business after hours. They offered not only local wine but delicious little bites of tasty treats to those attending out on the street. Once inside, you were invited to have a free chair message or a waxing. I always wondered what a waxing was, but Shannon, my guest, had her eyebrows waxed. She is a beautiful girl, but her eyebrows were a bit thick, till after the waxing she became even lovelier. There were great buys too on the collection of fine bath and body supplies that they carry.

  Mia Munselle, the owner, was on hand along with her friendly helpers, and the elegant salon proudly displayed their recent acquisitions. They have a new massage room, and the hair styling area has been moved to be private, so no one needs to be observed by passerby’s on Geyserville Ave. They recently remodeled by enlarging their already surprisingly sophisticated interior. Years ago, Geyserville had a very traditional old time barbershop and also a hair salon, equally old time. No more! Mia created a truly extraordinary salon that Geyserville can be very proud of.

Geyserville’s most famous musician in concert
Charlie Musselwhite entertained the biggest crowd ever at the last of the free Healdsburg square concerts this season. Charlie lives in Geyserville, so a group of us

Geyservillians all congregated in one area of the park, complete with a wine pouring and lots of food brought by those attending from our town. I brought my Isis Wings and Erica, one of my staff, brought hers too. After the first half of the performance by Charlie we both donned our wings and began to dance in the isles. Kids and adults alike tried on the wings and danced about too. The Geyserville cameraman, Rick Tang, took this amazing photo of Erica. I know not how he attained this unique effect.  Every one had a wonderful time and the Charlie’s music was simply terrific.

What are Isis Wings?

Some may have seen these wings being used by dancers at the Harmony Fair in Santa Rosa. They are made in Egypt, and a very fascinating woman came to visit me who happens to deal in them. I ended up by buying a dozen of them with a thought that folks might like to try to dance with them in the theatre at Isis Oasis. I had a chance to try this out after the wonderful dance performance by Lois Flood, who is an expert in the style of Isadora Duncan. I encouraged a dozen women to try out the wings, and after moving our chairs out of the way, all whirled about with these wings of many beautiful scintillating colors. We are planning to hold a dance therapy class weekly starting soon. If interested, please call 707-857-4747.

What’s happening on All Hallows Weekend?
GYPSY JAM, a dance and costume party will be coming to Isis Oasis Sanctuary on Oct. 29th. For only $10, there will be lively music for dancing, delicious goodies to munch on, and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy. Come as your past life character, or as a spirit, Goddess, God, creature of any kind, or just be creative. Gypsy attire is most welcome, and if you have no costume there will be an assortment of costumes, masks, and wigs to choose from for a small fee. Best of all, there will be prizes for the most outstanding costume. Belly dance performances, crystal ball oracles, and palm and tarot readings will be given by some of the attending Gypsy’s. You will even have the opportunity to use our collection of colorful Isis wings to enhance your dance!

Fall Colors and Vintage Car Show, Sunday Oct. 30th 10A .M. to 3 P.M. Free Firemans Pancake Breakfast 7 A.M. to 11 A.M. at the Firehouse. A Festive way to spend the day in Geyserville, our quaint, colorful town.