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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ASTROLOGY - Wheel of Light - March 2009

Rio Olesky has more than 30 years experience in the science of astrology.
This column pertains to March 2009

A planet is said to be retrograde when it appears to stop, turn around and go back in the direction it just came from. This is clearly an optical illusion caused by the difference in orbital rate and shape between that planet and the earth. All the planets, except the Sun and earth's Moon, take a turn in retrograde motion. The fundamental meaning of any planet when retrograde is twofold. First, we experience and express the energy associated with that planet in a more personal way. Thus one potential problem is that the expression of the energy is so subjective that it doesn‚t connect with other people. The second point is that when a planet is retrograde it is retracing its steps, traveling where it has just been. This implies that during the retrograde period we have the opportunity to review what we have been doing relative to the expression of that energy when the planet was direct, if we find something in the review process.

This month, Venus turns retrograde on the 6th. It will remain retrograde until April 17th. Venus pertains to three primary life experiences. One is relationship, since Venus is the energy of love and affection. It can provide clues about what we need in that relationship and can suggest beneficial behaviors that will enable us to meet those needs. Venus also pertains to money. As the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus relates to our needs for security. Finally, Venus represents beauty. Anything to do with the arts, therefore, falls under the dominion of Venus. When Venus is retrograde, it is time to review what our needs, inclinations and behaviors are in those areas. If we find anything that doesn't work, doesn't fulfill or feel right, this is time to change or at least to create a strategy that will alter our experience of Venusian qualities.

In terms of relationship, reflect on your degree of satisfaction. If you feel good about yourself and your partner, and enjoy the interaction between you, stay the course. But if you feel frustrated and unfulfilled, the question is: why? Start by redefining your needs in that relationship. Are they realistic in the context of that connection? Have you verbalized those needs? Has your partner heard you? When Venus is retrograde we may tend to blame the partner for our unhappiness. Although that may be partly true, the real work lies with the relationship to yourself. As you bring that up to date, you realize that by changing yourself you can change the relationship. If the work on self doesn't change the relationship dynamic, then it might be time to reconsider the viability of the whole thing. But, until then, hang in there. This is not a time when all issues get resolved. It is actually just the beginning. The time of review and redirection. The resolution comes over time after Venus turns direct.

In terms of money, review the ways in which you deal with it. What do you spend money on? With Venus we are talking primarily about necessities, not toys or luxuries.
Especially in the current economy changing our budgeting and spending patterns is the necessary thing to do. It's interesting that the FED, the private bank that is beyond our government's control and yet which has ultimate dominion over our banking and financial system, often changes interest rates when Venus is retrograde. It could go up or down, sometimes in both directions during the five weeks of the retrograde.

This could be a good time to decide on a new course of earning money. Again, this isn't necessarily the time to actually get a new job or quit the old one. Strategize and contemplate your options. This is more a time of making plans for changing in the future rather than acting on them now.

If your job and money are acceptable, you may want to simply cut back on spending and decide to save more. A wise decision at this time.

Our values about beauty and aesthetics are also under review at this time. This makes it a dicey time to spend money, especially either on big ticket items like houses and cars, or on items that are appreciated for their beauty, like jewelry, art work or even expensive clothing. We may find things desirable and attractive at this time that will appear quite different once Venus turns direct. Similarly this isn't a good time for an early spring cleaning. You might find that the ugly, useless object you discarded was something that has great appeal and value, which you failed to note during the retrograde period.

When a planet is retrograde it is time to reflect, realign and when appropriate, reboot our lives. Especially in these times of change, taking time out of our normal routines to note where we are, how we got here and where we intend to direct our energy from this point has great value. This is a time to resist the temptation to keep doing the same things. Taking a break enables us to reassess things which in turn provides new clarity, new motivation and ultimately greater growth and fulfillment.

Aries: This could be an awkward time for you. Your ruling planet Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and is in aspect to Neptune the first half of March. This calls for you to be more reflective and internal. Focus on emotional or psychological issues that need attention. Expressing yourself artistically is a good way to channel this energy. Be open to different kinds of inspiration and even different kinds of outlets.

Taurus: Since Venus is your ruling planet you may find that many of the most significant parts of your life are up for review. Venus is in Aries, one of the most independent of the signs. Developing a greater sense of autonomy, in your relationship or in making decisions about money or the arts, is something to contemplate. Early month could bring support for this process from friends or colleagues.

Gemini: A lot going on for you this month. You may feel your intuition and spiritual energy greatly stimulated, especially in early March. You may also feel intellectually inspired in ways that lead to innovations in what you do or how you do it. Growth for you this month comes from remaining grounded in the face of all this input. That way you can make practical use of the information instead of feeling confused or overloaded.

Cancer: The full Moon in Virgo on the 10th could bring some challenges in the work place. You may want to go forward with something only to find that a superior is blocking you in some way. Or, if you are boss, your sense of creativity or desire for new beginnings is thwarted. Being patient in either scenario enables you to plan for a more effective outcome.

Leo: From early to mid month you may feel as if you are the rope in a game of tug-of-war. You may want to change or do something exciting and adventurous only to find that circumstances or people are blocking you. The way out, and growth for you this month, comes from spending time in due diligence. The more research, the better and swifter the outcome.

Virgo: The full Moon in Virgo on the 10th will bring emotional clarity. Growth for you comes from tuning into those feelings. Greater emotional self-awareness can lead to greater fulfillment in your social life, especially in close, personal relationships. Taking responsibility to express those feelings can enable you to feel more empowered and liberated.

Libra: Venus is your ruling planet, so its retrogradation may be more noticeable and challenging for you than for other signs. The biggest challenge could be to your sense of harmony. Usually you like to go along and get along. You want others to like you. During this period, harmony may be a rare commodity and you may find it more difficult to read or relate to others. Venus is in Aries, an independent sign. Therefore, spend some time developing the relationship to yourself. Feel good about being who you are.

Scorpio: Emotionality and intuitive awareness are highlights of the month for you. Much of that focus could be on family, especially children. Or, if you are unmarried or have no children, tune inward to discover some creative inspiration. You could also focus family energy on extended family or simply in your own community or neighborhood.

Sagittarius: You may be one of the few signs that actually enjoys this Venus retrograde period. That's because in general this is a year to expand your social circle and this month there may some interesting developments on that front. Not all will be enjoyable, but they will challenge your ability to be flexible and open to new social experiences.

Capricorn: Family relationships could be a point of focus for you this month. If it's with your immediate family, reflect on your expectations and behaviors in that arena. You may find that changing your behavior leads to greater happiness. It could also be with your extended family and that could actually continue a pattern that has been going on for several months. In that context, dialogue and compromise offer ways out.

Aquarius: Four planets will be traveling through Aquarius at different times this month. The good news is obvious: energy is flowing in ways that are inherently comfortable to you. The bad news also could exist. That is, there could also be tendencies to relate to others in ways that are impractical, haughty or superficial. Growth for you comes from using this time to be more inclusive and accepting of others even as you take time to ground your insights and inspirations.

Pisces: This could be a forward looking period for you. You might find supportive and enjoyable social interaction. Or, the same energy could promote artistic inspiration. You could also be more self-aware to the point of being more direct, assertive and communicative in your relationships.

Rio Olesky has been studying astrology since 1967 and been a practicing professional since 1976. The author of Astrology and Consciousness, Rio offers classes in beginning astrology through SRJC and ongoing classes through Crystal Channels in Santa Rosa. To make an appointment, call Rio at 707-887-1820. Check out his website at