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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Manifesting Peace on Earth - Good Will to ALL!

I'm not alone in wanting PEACE for our planet - Remember “Imagine” by John Lennon?
Jan Hearthstone of Sebastopol is looking for your input -
what kind of a world would you like to live in?

Designing a Lasting PEACE
By Jan Hearthstone
Since time immemorial people have wished for a lasting Peace. The reason that no lasting world Peace has, as yet, manifested on Earth is that we all wish for a different kind of a Peace. Naturally enough--we all go to a war again and again in order to resolve our differences on a battlefield, because the differences in our visions of what a state of Peace on Earth should be differ; sometimes our visions are even very contrary to each other.

It is first necessary to unify, to harmonize all the individual notions of what a world Peace should be into one coherent vision by using what-so-ever non-violent means available, and then (and only then) it would be possible to start realizing this unified vision. If this unification, this harmonizing of all the various individual visions doesn’t occur first, then we will continue to reconcile our differences in real life, causing real damage.

If you understand and agree with the foregoing, and are interested in co-operating on developing the means by which this unified, harmonized vision of what a real world Peace could be achieved, or if there is any other way you could help, please visit to read more about the idea.

If, however, you think that there are any flaws in the idea, any mistakes that I am making, I would very much appreciate that you would let me know, please!

May all differences, all controversies, and all conflicts resolve harmlessly, peacefully by using what-so-ever wholesome and expedient means into a benefit to all beings in this world! May there be no one that would not benefit optimally!

My email is

My postal address is Mr. Jan Hearthstone
P.O.B. 2182
Sebastopol, CA 95473 .

Also--if you would know of anyone who would like to take a part in a survey, here it'd be:

What is Your Ideal World?
(online at www.ModelEarth.Org as Survey)

Dear people,

I will greatly appreciate if you give me a bit of your time and answer a few questions.

I would like to find out about what kind of a world would you like to live in.

Why would I like to find out that?

I posit that although, assumedly, most people would like to live in a different (assuredly a better) world than the one they live in now, no changes that would allow us to live in a better world are happening because of the differences in our ideas of what a better world to live in should be like, and that unless those differences would be reconciled, no substantial changes could ever happen.

Once there are enough many responses, it will possible to see on what points in their ideas about living in a better world people agree, and on what points they don't. Then, knowing the differences in the ideas about what their ideal world should look like people have, it would be
possible to see what possible ways of reconciling those differences into a one comprehensive, coherent picture there might be.

I will post the results (and anything that might ensue as a consequence) of this survey at http://www.ModelEarth.Org

The Survey:

Please try to answer in as a great detail as possible; please (and this is important!) do not say what in the ideal world that you would like to live in should NOT be! Only what there should be. This is because knowing what there should not be would not in any way help in seeing what the better world should look like. An absence of a feature is no substitute for something that should be there!

In a world that you would like to live in -

● how would be food obtained?

● how would the materials necessary for construction of buildings be obtained?, for tools?, for utensils?

● what would health care be like?

● what would the social structure be like? the government?

● what anything else would you like to see in your ideal world?

Would you have any ideas how this survey could be improved?

Thank you sincerely - Mr. Jan Hearthstone
E-mail: .

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