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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Russian River Watershed Geologic Mapping

As part of the Baseline Watershed Assessment for the RRWAMP (Russian River Watershed Adaptive Management Plan), the California Geological Survey (CGS) prepared a “Geologic Map and Landslide Potential Evaluation of the Russian River Watershed” under contract to the US Army Corp of Engineers. CGS completed the landslide potential evaluation using an approach similar to that developed by CGS for watershed investigations under the North Coast Watershed Assessment Program, the Watershed Mapping Program and other programs.

The methodology used in this investigation included the compilation of a watershed geologic map, the preparation of a Landslide Potential Matrix that evaluated the slope stability characteristic of the geologic unit for several categories of slope steepness, and then creating a Relative Landslide Potential Map that was modeled from these data using ArcGIS. The geologic map and landslide potential map was digitized into ESRI shapefiles using ArcGIS.

The CGS maps and accompanying report are available on the Russian River Interactive Information System web site:

The Geologic and Landslide Potential maps consist of GIS files available at:

...under the “File Name Data Hyperlink” of “Geology”. There are four GIS files with “Source” of “CALGEO.”

The CGS Report is at:

...under the “Short Description” heading of “Geology”. The report is the first citation. The direct link is: Haydon, W. D. California Department of Conservation California Geological Survey. 2007. Landslide Potential Evaluation, Russian River Watershed, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, California

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding CGS’s investigations in the Russian River Watershed.

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Engineering Geologist
California Geological Survey
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