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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sebastopol Saves! Energy Audits for Residents

Sebastopol Saves!

City’s Energy Committee and local realtors group walking for clean energy

The City of Sebastopol Energy Committee, along with members of the Sebastopol Chapter of the North Bay Association of REALTORS® (NorBAR) and other local organizations, want to help Sebastopol residents save money by making their homes water and energy efficient. Sebastopol REALTORS® will be going door-to-door in March to give residents and businesses the information they need to do just that!

Businesses and residents might be paying much more than they need to if their home or place of business is not energy efficient. Inadequate insulation, cracks and leaks, single pane windows, low efficiency showerheads and toilets result in high utility bills and don't help the environment.

Walkers will be providing information to encourage residents to spend a little to save a lot by performing an energy audit on their buildings. The audits will itemize the improvements needed to reduce water and energy bills by making buildings water and energy efficient. This will enable residents to do their part to help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our dependence on diminishing fossil fuel supplies.

“We have installed a new green furnace and double pane windows which made our house much warmer, reduced our heating bill and gave us rebates from PGE and a federal tax credit,” said Councilmember Kathleen Shaffer.

The Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP) will offer help with financing the improvements. SCEIP may also finance the energy audit to help determine what is needed. All of the information necessary will be in a reusable bag delivered to every address in Sebastopol. Coupons for FREE low flow showerheads and toilet replacements will also be in the bag.

“This is a wonderful contribution to our community by NorBAR and our other partners. Once again, Sebastopol is at the forefront of smart energy action,” said Councilman Larry Robinson, co-chair of the City’s Energy Committee.

Other partners in this community effort include PG&E and Solar Sonoma County. Sebastopol residents and businesses should expect a knock at their door during the second or third weekend of March. Packets of information and coupons will be left at each home and business.

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