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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Roy Rogers Guerneville Benefit Concert cut short

Life is Precious. 

Tonight while enjoying an inspired performance by Roy Rogers at the Rotary benefit concert in Guerneville, the power blew and Roy Rogers left the stage with chest pains, needing emergency treatment. Last we saw him was on a gurney with an oxygen mask on his face being put into an ambulance. Please wish him well. He was hot, the night was hot so who knows if that was all too much. We'll wait and hope for the best.

Thank you Roy!

UPDATE from Gaynell Rogers...

Roy Rogers Show Cut Short Due to Chest Pain
Recovering Well in Santa Rosa Hospital

At Saturday nights benefit concert in Guerneville (Sonoma County, California) after the power went out during the show, Roy Rogers suffered severe chest pain and was taken by ambulance to Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa.  A quick on their feet Emergency Team & Cardiology unit assessed the pain, diagnosed and treated a mild heart attack.  A stint was inserted quickly and he is now resting and recovering well.

“God pulled the plug on the power so that he wouldn’t have to pull the plug on you,” said long time fan and co-writer Donna Johnston.

As the Doctors told Roy  - “It wasn’t your time.”

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