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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sierra Club Hosts Groasis WaterBoxx inventor Pieter Hoff

An Evening with WaterBoxx 
inventor Pieter Hoff

Named one of the top inventions of the decade by Popular Science and inventor of the year by the UN….His mission: stop climate change and feed the world by reforesting the planet.

Come meet Pieter Hoff October 20th, 7 pm at the Environmental Center, 55 Ridgway, Santa Rosa. He’s in town to start two important projects; reforesting the burn areas of Joshua Tree National Park, working with the Sonoma Ecology Center to restore the forests in the Sonoma Hills and 3 projects for the BLM (Mission Creek, Pipes Canyon and Whitewater).

He currently has projects in Morocco, Spain, Kenya, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethopia, Chile, South Afrcia and Pakistan stopping the desertification of arid lands. His success rates are 88% to 100% after 6 years and includes such reforesting projects the Sahara Desert and Spain at the site of a carbon mine spill. Pieter feels he can solve the energy problem, feed everyone and the climate problem in the same time by using his Treesolution that offers a whole or partial solution by:

Planting trees or bushes offers:
1. Erosion: trees combat erosion and change invaluable into valuable land
2. Poverty: trees create economy. They are a money making business model
3. Food crisis: trees produce fruits like olives/pistachios/oranges/coffee/tea/etc.
4. Employment: trees produce food, wood, essences, oils, medicines, etc. = work
5. Climate change: trees balance the climate. Once trees are cut, climate disturbs
6. Rural-urban migration: where there is work and money to earn, people will move
7. Sinking ground water levels: trees change soil into a sponge and change it into a refill
8. Improved health of soils: 15% more biomass (65% depleted per USGS)

The Facts: What we are able to influence, stimulate and manage is photosynthesis. One hectare (2.47 acres) of trees in the tropics unbinds 10 tons of CO₂ molecules annually, one hectare in moderate climates 5 tons. (Source FAO ). Mankind's present output through using fossil fuels is 8.4 billion tons of CO₂ per year. If we plant 2 billion hectares of trees/bushes (the size of Canada) we are able to unbind the whole annual CO₂ output caused by using fossil fuels in harmless C and O atoms.

Admission is free. Pieter’s website:

YouTube video: