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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sonoma County Democrats Endorse Candidates & Propositions

As we start filling out our absentee ballots and forms so we can prepare to vote, we study issues and candidates. Many of us like to see how the people who live and breathe politics think - it helps us make decisions, especially in areas where we feel that we don't have enough information to make an educated vote. The following endorsements are from the Sonoma County Democrats. I'm passing them on to readers because this organization passed them on to me. I am open to Republicans, Green Party, Libertarians, Tea Party, Progressives and anyone else who puts serious thought into how the want to influence voters. No ranting, however. Just well thought our essays with rationals - thank you. Please e-mail me at The Post Comments option below send an e-mail directly to me so I can monitor posts as well.

The Sonoma County Democratic Party made endorsements on state and local ballot measures, City Council Candidates, School Boards & Propositions. For all the REASONS behind these decision...visit

Full list of endorsements follows:

City Councils Endorsements:

Santa Rosa City Council
Susan Gorin
Larry Haenel
Veronica Jacobi

Petaluma City Council
Teresa Barrett
Jason Davies
Gabe Kearney

Petaluma Mayor
David Glass

Cloverdale City Council

Mayor Carol Russell
Councilmember Joe Palla

Healdsburg City Council
Mayor Jim Wood
Stephen R. Babb
Susan Jones

Rohnert Park City Council

John Borba

Sonoma City Council
Mayor Steve Barbose
Councilmember Ken Brown

Sonoma County school boards:

Bennett Valley Union School District
Steven Sharpe

Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District
George Steffensen

Petaluma City Schools
Jaimey Walking Bear

Santa Rosa City Schools
Bill Carle
Ron Kristof
Frank Pugh

Windsor Unified School District
Marta Dee
William "Billy" Forrest

Wright Elementary School District
Stan Greenberg

Statewide Ballot Measures

YES  Prop 19 – Legalize and tax marijuana

NO   Prop 20 – Redistricting of congressional districts

YES Prop 21 – $18 Vehicle license fee to help fund State Parks

NO – Prop 22 – Prohibits state from taking local funds

NO – Prop 23 – Suspends AB32, greenhouse gas reduction law

YES – Prop 24 – Repeals law allowing business to carry back losses

YES – Prop 25 – Changes vote from 2/3 to simple majority for budget

NO – Prop 26 – Changes vote from simple majority to 2/3 for state levies and charges

YES – Prop 27 – Eliminates state commission on redistricting

Local Ballot Measures

YES Measure A – Calistoga Joint Unified School District Bond

YES Measure G – Cloverdale Unified School District Bond

YES Measure H – Sonoma Valley Unified School District Bond

YES Measure I – West Sonoma County Union High School District Bond

YES Measure J – Bennett Valley Union School District Bond

YES Measure K – Forestville Union School District Bond

YES Measure L – Piner-Olivet Union School District Bond

YES Measure M – Twin Hills Union School District Bond

YES Measure N – Sonoma County Amend Civil Service Ord. 305A

YES Measure O – City of Santa Rosa Urban Growth Boundary Extension

YES Measure P – City of Santa Rosa One-Quarter Cent Sales Tax

YES Measure Q – City of Cloverdale Urban Growth Boundary

YES Measure R – City of Cloverdale Office of City Clerk be Appointive

YES Measure S – City of Cloverdale Office of City Treasurer be Appointive

YES Measure T – City of Petaluma Urban Growth Boundary Extension

NO   Measure U – City of Petaluma Reduce Wastewater Service Rates

YES Measure V
– Forestville Fire Protection District Special Tax

YES Measure W
– Sonoma County Transportation Authority $10 Vehicle Fee

The Sonoma County Democratic Party is an independent local party organized under the bylaws of the California Democratic Party. For more information on the Sonoma County Democratic Party visit

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