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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sonoma County Restaurants - August 2011

Love at First Bite

Holey Cow in Monte Rio
By Vesta Copestakes
I’d heard rave reviews passed around so I grabbed Alan and invited him to join me for breakfast in Monte Rio. It’s not far from where I live and a pleasant drive no matter what. Just being near the Russian River with tall trees and water freshening the air is a great way to start a weekend morning.

I’ve known Jamie Hart for years. She owned Bloomers nursery at the intersection of River Road & Church Streets, is a landscaper and now runs Sam’s Holey Cow Diner right across the street with her sweetheart Sam.
I can’t remember which on-line dating service they met through, but the first date set the table - literally. Sam wanted to cook for Jamie, she said OK, went into her back yard to pick fresh herbs and they were on a roll. The way to this girl’s heart is through her stomach and Sam groomed the path with a meal Jamie will remember forever. “Holy Cow” were the words she exclaimed - hence the name of their diner - but with a hole in it...I forgot to ask about the hole.
We took a journey down that garden path with our breakfast of raisin toast and eggs Florentine with a Mornay sauce. First bite and we were exclaiming about flavor, fresh, light, healthy - it went on and on. We savored and shared and got whole story over our meal, even down to how CazSonoma Inn gave Jamie her dishes and flatware as a gift to start her restaurant. Right our of the fifties and ties perfectly with this home-style café.
Jamie has farm implements all over that came from her family farm. That saddle from Grandad, that yoke from the old barn - this is real, not decor. Her friend made the curtains and the place jumps with slap-on-the-back joviality that makes customers feel like they’ve been coming back for years even if it’s the first time they walked through the door. We sat by the window and heard people saying they’d be back for more - what a wonderful meal - thanks so much, etc. etc. as they left. 
Jamie and Sam are getting their liquor license so they can serve beer and wine with dinner come this fall. They’ll be cooking up $10 dinners where you dine on what they are cooking that night. Just like home. What’s for dinner, Mom? Yep - come home to Jamie and Sam’s kitchen, pull up a chair and be prepared to smile.

Sam’s Holey Cow Diner
at the Y River Road across from Rio Theater
20391 Hwy 116, Monte Rio
Breakfast & Lunch Dinner in the fall.
BIG Menu - LOTS to eat
Generous portions
Affordable prices
Kids menu
Will custom-make a meal - just ask