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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dissent IS patriotic - Occupy Wall Street!

Sonoma County is coming out in support of Occupy Wall Street. Activists are taking time to occupy downtown Santa Rosa in an effort to support this world-wide movement to bring awareness to the destruction caused by greed and an imbalance in the income tax structure of our country.

The November edition of the Gazette will feature an Op-Ed by a Sonoma County resident who spends a fair amount of his time trying to bring awareness to issues that impact our lives and environment. below are photos of some of our friends who have participated in demonstrations and movements to raise awareness from political to environmental issues since the movement started back in the sixties.

THANK YOU everyone who has the time and takes the time. We have changed the world more than once through peaceful demonstrations.

Occupy Wall Street is spreading from the streets of New York to cities and towns all across America, and the right to protest and dissent are a key part of this important national conversation. 

As they should be, because the First Amendment guarantees what some might consider the most fundamental freedoms that define our nation. 

For more than 90 years, the ACLU has passionately defended the right for demonstrators to speak their minds and assemble together. Because we firmly believe that dissent is a form of patriotism. We believe all people have the right to free speech and the freedom (and sometimes even the obligation) to stand up for what they believe in. 

If you feel the same way, I urge you to download this printable ACLU "Dissent is Patriotic" poster and display it proudly. 

It's important in a democracy that there is free and open discourse about the future of our nation. And it's vital that those who choose to be involved in that conversation through protest are given the right to exercise their constitutional freedom. 

Thanks to you, ACLU staff is on the ground to make sure that First Amendment rights are protected during moments like Occupy Wall Street — or whenever individuals choose to exercise their right to assemble. We're also providing "Know Your Rights" pocket cards, we have legal teams observing police treatment of protesters, and much more. 

If you support free speech and open discussion, please consider displaying the ACLU's "Dissent is Patriotic" poster in your window, posting it on Facebook and sharing it with friends. Thank you for defending all that makes this country so great. 

Anthony D. Romero 
Executive Director, ACLU

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